How Seniors Can Be More Social & Avoid Isolation

Senior Social Isolation
Senior Social Isolation

Staying social is incredibly important for seniors for their mental health and happiness, but many struggles with feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially if they live alone. Whether this is something that you experience, or you have concerns about a loved one, there are a few tips which will helpfully help them to start socializing more and feel more engaged with society. Being active and social can work wonders for their mental health and in many cases, allows them to get out the home and be active, so there are many benefits to seniors being more social.

See Family Often

Often, people will do most of their socializing with family when they begin to age. While it is a good idea to have non-family people to socialize with, the family are also a great option because you can feel relaxed and talk about anything. Ideally, this will involve leaving the home and going somewhere else, but even if they are just popping over for a cup of tea once a week, then this will do a world of good.

Learn How to Use Tech

Technology is not a replacement for face-to-face communication, it can be helpful for seniors to feel connected and communicate with people without having to leave the home. Whether this is a family group chat, video calls or even joining online communities related to your interests, tech and the internet are things that any senior can benefit from greatly.

Assisted Living Communities

Moving into an assisted living community might be a smart move to make for a few different reasons, especially if you have health issues and/or you are starting to lose your independence. Senior living communities engage you in a community where you will meet lots of people, plus you will also get the care and support that you need to enjoy these years of your life.


Everyone needs to have hobbies in their life, but they are particularly helpful for seniors if it is a social hobby where you can meet up with likeminded people each year. The options are endless here, but a few good examples include:

  • Walking clubs
  • Book clubs
  • Dancing
  • Photography
  • Bird watching
  • Metal detecting


Another fantastic option for seniors to socialize and have a sense of purpose is to volunteer. Many people feel that they lose purpose and stop engaging with society once they retire, but volunteering will help to get you out of the house, allows you to meet new people and make a positive change to the world. It should not be tough to find an organization that is doing good work that is looking for volunteers, and it is amazing the difference that this can have to your mental health.

Seniors need to be aware of just how easy it is to feel isolated and separate from society which they must find ways to be social with the above all being good options.


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