Why To Sell On GCP?

sell on gcp
sell on gcp

With the spread of the Internet and the increase in the amount of data, the use of cloud services is becoming widespread. GCP has an important contribution to widely used cloud services.

The GCP marketplace has been considered the best public cloud computing solution developed by Google. It allows the app developers to write, design, and deploy cloud-hosted applications, by GCP the app developers will be able to take more time to solve real issues by taking the advantage of a managed solution. GCP can also be said to be a great weapon when you want to analyse logs with a lot of data or when you want to create a system that incorporates teaching-learning. Today in this article I will talk about the benefits of using GCP to sell products, so let’s take a look.

GCP can analyse big data.

One of the biggest strengths of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and one of the reasons GCP was chosen, is its services that analyse and process Big Data, such as BigWeek, Cloud Datapro, and BigTable. It is a crystallization of strengths and information that only Google, which handles large amounts of data worldwide, including search engines, and is a major leader in competing clouds such as AWS and Azure.

Big Query is an excellent service that can analyse terabytes and petabytes of data in an instant and can also be easily used by non-engineers. GCP is used by many leading companies because it has the strength to use data, which is the most important business strategy in current business.

Take advantage of the AWS with multi-cloud.

When building infrastructure using the cloud, a “hybrid cloud” that combines a private cloud and a public cloud, and a “multi-cloud” that combines multiple public clouds, is called a “multi-cloud”. In recent years, companies combine GCP for risk aversion and cost performance and it is growing very rapidly. For example, by using AWS to collect and aggregate IoT data and GCPs for analysis by machine learning, we will realize optimal solutions for problem-solving and business goal achievement by making the best use of each feature. In addition, you can enjoy various properties such as strengthening the backup system and quickly setting up a new system.

The cost is low.

One of the common voices among customers who have introduced GCP is cost reduction. Of course, AWS or Azure may have a cost advantage, depending on service and usage, but Google’s cutting-edge ideas such as completely original designed servers and data centres, power-saving by machine, virtualization by containers, etc. . Technological capabilities have achieved cost performance that is competitive with competitive clouds.

Advanced AI/machine learning.

Google has invested heavily in AI research and development and possesses the world’s best AI and machine learning technology based on its vast data. GCP also leverages models that Google has already trained to best implement your business solution.

Cooperation with G Suite.

If you are using G Suite, you will need more to choose GCP. Server administrator accounts can be combined with user management in G Suite (Google Apps), which frees you from the complexity of account management and reduces additional costs.

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