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Scion Staffing
Scion Staffing

The Scion has unlimited talents who have extraordinary experienced, talented for their firm. The people increase the corporations and organization temp agency Portland.

Why you choose Scion vacancies Portland?

Our team hires the biggest talent that can collect the award-winning full services. We hire a sudden many staff. If we face any emergency so we can hire some temporary staff for our need but with good talent even they are not experienced. Our temp agency Portlandhires staff that establishes a good reputation in front of clients. They get award-winning services too. We just focus on one thing that we provide you a real talent that matches all of your requirements and unique working. We try to connect our staff thoughtfully and expediently. executive headhunters near you

The scion is designed for the relationship with some businesses, individuals, and organizations for their roots strong. We have 14,000,000 national and internationally local network options for candidates. We also boasted some pools about 250, 000 that are professional. This is proved helpful in growing each other.

Our temp agency Portland serves some distinct areas like nonprofit, medical/ health care, corporate, it technology IT, executive search.

How you send a request for staff

Here you can find an option for a team of them. You can see the 1st option that tells us about you. You have to write to you 1st after that write your last name, your email, phone number (phone is useful for connecting).

Let you write your title. Organization name. Any webs site if you run any website must write the name. Your position in tem agency Portland. You must choose the option of a job like that which helps you in team agency Portland. We are providing you the best staff services globally. Our team not only work on hiring experienced staff. Even we work to increase talent options.

You can find every type of person here in our teams like an engineer, executive, administrative, technology-related person, finance, creative, public relations, and many others. You can find different educational departments full of talented persons.

Temporary staffing system

We are working for many years. Almost we run that firm for 13 years. We are the best award-winning temporary hiring of staff services but now we get the award of the best executive recruiting firm in the world. Our team provides thousands of temporary staff who are fully talented, experienced, and knowledgeable in different sectors. They are fully talented no matter how big the company, which post you want, what is the budget, how much time required? Our experienced and talented staff ready to work hard and meet your needs.

Our tem agency Portland temporary staff is always ready to serve others and face new projects. Even they are excited to do these projects and new challenges. We have a wide range of staff listed some of them below

1- Administrative functions

Included executive assistant, coordinator, receptionist

2- Finance department

Included Accounting and auditing

3- Operations

Included operations director, operation manager, office manager, and assistant

4- Human resources

Included HR director, manager, recruiters, assistant

5- Communication and PR

Included Manager, editor, assistant

6- Customer service/ help desk

Included app service reps, CSR’S tech support

7- IT and engineering

Included contract IT, Architecture, engineer

8- Creative

Included creative director, UL.UX, Product, designers, web and interactive

9- Supply chain

Included category management, supply chain, manager, merchandises

10- Design

Included directors, product designers, web and interactive

11- Sales

Included managers, assistant, representatives

12- Health care and medical

Administration, nurses, medical billers, coders, support

13- Legal

Included attorneys, paralegals, support staff

14- Industrial and manufacturing

Included specialties, and office staff

15- Other specialties

Included data research startup, financial, services, and more

We are working with real talent or local professional that waited for an offer of a temporary job. We are always ready to serve our talented staff to others and also ready to meet with excellent challenges. Tem agency Portland is the agency that helps temporary staff for promoting them easily and make them ease in finding a temporary job. If you have any queries related to our temporary staff or about any other thing so you can contact us in our helpline center.


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