With a stronghold on the cellphone market, SAMSUNG distracted itself from the domain to wearable devices this year. With the company’s not so successful previous attempts in the sector, the product’s success were not sure shot and hence, was anticipated by both, users and launchers. It was a touch-and-go whether SAMSUNG WEARABLE DEVICES would stand out in the market or not but surprisingly, the devices received an impressive positive response from the users.

SAMSUNG launched three wearables to go with Galaxy S10. They are SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS, SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT and SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE. The three new SAMSUNG siblings go well with the overall theme of the brand and fit coherently in the atmosphere. The devices promote and make use of SAMSUNG’S new Wireless PowerShare feature of Galaxy S10.


This new SAMSUNG product is a trimmed version of it’s predecessor SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH but SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE is ranked higher among its likes. The device sports a delectable premium design and can seamlessly be your all day companion. The creatively crafted sports watch offer many features including stress management and Blood Pressure monitoring along with other basic sports watch features.


SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE sports a round 1.1 inch dial with Samsung’s AMOLED display. The smartwatch operates Tizen-based Wearable OS 4.0 and runs on 1.15GHz Exynos Dual core processor. For screen protection, the watch embodies Gorilla Glass 3. The product comes in only one variant offering 768GB RAM along with 4GB of internal storage. Buyers can opt between 4 colours viz. Black, Silver, Rose Gold and Deep Green.


In terms of features, SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE provides all the basic features of a sports watch including auto-detection of physical manoeuvres like walking, running, biking, rowing, workout and even swimming. The watch is water resistant upto 5ATM. The manual set up allows you to engage in 39 activities, set daily goals, maintain records and much more. As previously mentioned, SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE also helps you monitor your stress and blood pressure. In addition, the watch allows you to download third-party apps like Spotify etc. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE is now available for sale in Indian subcontinent. One of the key highlights of the watch is its price which is considerably low from its predecessor at Rs. 19,990 only. Read comprehensive review on SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE here.


The brand new activity trackers from SAMSUNG are attributed to “complement the personal wellness journey.” With a lot of traffic of fitness-centric bands across the market, endurance of SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT AND SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT E was touch-and-go.

Both the bands are enduring in the market on the basis of their top-in-line features, the reliable SAMSUNG marque and their affordability.

Both of these fitness-centric bands can maintain and track your daily activities including running, walking, biking, sleeping etc. Like SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE, these two fitness bands are also water resistant upto 5ATM. Other then the features of standard activity trackers, SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT and SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT E can also receive calls and messages alert and can also function to remind the users in case of alarms or calendar event. Both of these bands are available in three colors viz. Black, white and yellow.


SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT sports a 0.95-inch full-colour AMOLED display. The band allows you to select a range of activities (up to 10) to be monitored together on-the-move on the Auto Workout Tracking mode. (By default, it monitors 6 activities). A wide array of upto 90 workouts are available to choose from. The band is capable of accounting your sleep patterns as well. It works with the help of an array of sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate monitor.

SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT operates FreeRTOS and comes with 2MB RAM and 32MB ROM and runs on 120mAh battery. Connectivity options include Bluetooth v5.0.It is a lightweight band weighing only 23g. In India, the band is priced at only Rs. 9,900 only.


SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT E sports a 0.74-inch monochrome PMOLED display. Like its sibling, SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT E also has Auto Workout Tracking mode, which can monitor 3 activities together (by default). The band is also capable of accounting your sleep patterns. The band lacks only gyroscope sensor in comparison to its higher variant.

SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT E operates FreeRTOS and comes with 128kB RAM and runs on 70mAh battery. Connectivity options include Bluetooth v5.0.It is a lightweight band weighing only 15g. In India, the band is priced at only Rs. 2,590 only.

SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT will go on sale, on both online and offline platforms, from June 25. Whereas, SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT E will go on sale for pre-bookings from July 1 and will be exclusively available on Flipkart, Myntra, and the Samsung Online Shop. Both of these bands are equipped with top-in-line features. If you are looking for a fitness band, read my previous blog for top fitness bands for more options under 10k segment.


Samsung has really overtaken the market with the new wearables. All of the new products are top notch and look promising. SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE looks very lavish with its delicate design and offers all the essential features. The touch is also very smooth to use. The only drawbacks we could find was its lower button, which we would have preferred to be a little more projected for easy use. We miss the rotating bezel of its previous version, but it is nothing we can not adjust without. Overall, the watch is very sporty and we absolutely loved it. 

We are still waiting to get our hands on the fitness bands. But the mentioned specifications look promising and we are excited to experience it. Stay tuned for more detailed reviews.


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