5 Easy Steps On How to Rotate PDF Pages Online

rotate pdf pages online
rotate pdf pages online

Most people find Portable Text Format (PDF) to be a file category for their digital data. When downloaded and opened on different computers, PDFs do not lose their structure and details. Constructing a PDF file is a pleasure, too, so it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. Plus, PDFs are difficult to change and can be secured with a password.

There is indeed a long list of explanations for choosing PDF or some other form of electronic paper. Perhaps the only drawback about PDF is that often when you scan it, you get disoriented pages. You can still face-to-face this issue after combining separate documents into a single PDF format.

But, get rid of your concerns right now, because there’s a web-based software that lets you rotate PDF pages to their accurate alignment. I ‘m thinking about PDFBear.com here. Keep reading to know more about this awesome web-based application. Rotate the pages with precision. With the help of circular arrows, you can set your PDF pages to a standard orientation.

First: Search PDFBear

Open a web browser and locate the official PDFBear website (pdfbear.com). Then choose the “Rotate PDF” online tool that you can find on the homepage of the website.

By using the PDFBear tool to fix upside-down PDF pages, please say good-bye to your problem with disoriented PDF files. If you’re using this awesome PDFBear online application, you can now set up the PDF page of your PDF paper. Here is a set of measures you need to take to know how to use this app to rotate PDF online articles.

There are some Advantages of the Web-based PDFBear Resource you can find a lot of web-based PDF rotating software on the internet, but a lot of users choose PDFbear for a number of reasons. Please read this list of advantages of using PDFBear.com to correct the pages of your PDF document.

Privacy and confidentiality of the PDF files are a high priority for PDFBear.com. To discourage unwarranted communication and misuse of info, PDFBear.com eliminates the document that you submitted to the web once you have accomplished your mission.

Second: Upload PDF Files On PDFBear

After you click on the PDF Rotate method, a new page will appear. You can find the color blue Select Files button in the center of this web page. Click it to select the saved PDF document from your device and start uploading it to the PDFBear website.

Third: Place PDF Pages In The Correct Position

Now that you have moved the PDF document to the PDFBear website, it’s time to fix the topsy-turvy pages. For each PDF page, you can see the thumbnails on the screen. Find out the pages that are not in their exact position and press on the arrows to move them according to their proper angle.

Fourth: Offload The Changes You’ve Made To The PDF Pages

Press Apply to validate the adjustments you have made to the pages of your PDF client. Bear in mind to double-check whether the PDF pages are already in their same orientation.

Fifth: Save PDF On Your Documents

After rotating the pages of your Document to the normal orientation, there is little else to do than copy the freshly updated Document file to your computer. If a record has to be exchanged with other users or moved to another computer, you may do that.


If you are looking for a rotate PDF tool, feel free with PDFBear. This web-based app is one of the better PDF editors accessible today. Learn how to use the tool by reading the information on this blog article.

Quick and easy editing of disoriented PDF pages. It’s a breeze to rotate upside down PDF pages using this online software. The website has a simple user experience that helps you to modify the file with only a few clicks. Your task will be finished in just a few seconds.

Accessible on different platforms. PDFBear is not just a web-based software. You can also download your desktop version on your PC (so-called macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems).


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