Why is Rose The Most Heartwarming Gift?

rose for girlfriend
rose for girlfriend

It doesn’t matter if it is the Valentine’s Day or a Wedding Anniversary, there is one thing that always shows the significant other how much they mean, a bunch of beautiful Roses. When people are in love, they can only think of spending their time with their significant other, giving them valuable gifts, and what better gift to give than some great roses or preferably long-lasting roses.


Roses if noticed, are like any beautiful relationship. It has delicate petals, representing the sweet and gentle side of a relationship and reminds one of the love they have for their partner.

Greek Mythology shows that the rose flower was initially derived from Adonis, the god of plant and rebirth. The folklore goes on telling that when Adonis was out hunting, Ares who was the god of war, sent wild boars after him out of jealousy, to harm him. Ares shared this plan with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, who rushed to save him but instead cut herself from thorns of a white flower, and her blood splattered all over the soft white petals. Unfortunately, she arrived too late, as he had already passed from the fatality. As she sat there near him and cried, her tears spread her blood, making the flowers red. Today it stands to represent the bond that people share with the ones they love, the kind of love that outlives even death. Thus, long-lasting roses are a symbol of eternal love.

Why Roses Are the Best Gift

  • May it be valentine’s day or an important date, roses never fail to impress the significant other. They are a timeless gift and something that can add to the aesthetic of the receiver’s dwelling. It has a sweet smell, vibrant colour, and beauty can surely calm down an angry spouse! Long-lasting roses are hard to find, but few vendors can even customise the roses as per one’s liking.
  • Some roses are available in different colours and tones. They do it by dipping them in specific beautiful dyes to change their colour as per the customer’s request and preserve them for eternity. This set of beauty truly deserves a nice spot in the house by the coffee table.
  • Roses are gifted as a token of love and are a sign of respect or appreciation. For instance, if it’s someone’s housewarming ceremony, birthdays or if someone is out of surgery and is in a reasonable recovery period, roses show warmth and a sense of good wishes for them. Not just that, Christmas is also an excellent occasion to give family and friends roses.
  • People will be beyond thrilled to receive long-lasting roses and to buy them. There are multiple stores in and around Sydney, where they have some fantastic collections, with varying styles and arrangements. 

Types of Roses 

There are so many gorgeous varieties of roses from which you can choose. Some of the few Roses popular in Australia are:

  • The Standard Rose – They are also called Rose Trees, because professionals graft these bushes upright to have a tree form.
  • Climbing Rose – These rose plants are bushy and thrive, whereas the trailing stems can climb garden structures like fences.
  • Hybrid Tea Rose – They are upright bushes as well, with classically shaped petals on the flowers.


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