Using Rings To Complete An Outfit

rings to wear
rings to wear

Those in the fashion industry know that jewelry can be used to style and complete an outfit. A little black dress can go from casual to classic just by adding a few jewelry pieces. Those wanting to liven up their wardrobe with jewelry should look into some statement pieces, such as cocktail rings or rings with brightly colored stones.

Using Cocktail Rings to Stand Out

Many people use bright and unique rings to set their style apart from the crowd. For those interested in a ring that looks like a rainbow, Adina’s Jewels has a ring with multi-colored baguette stones all the way around the band. The stones are cubic zirconia, which helps the ring stay affordable. The ring is sterling silver with a rose gold vermeil coating.

Rings that are bright, chunky, and draw a lot of attention typically fall into the cocktail ring category. The story goes that cocktail rings came into existence in the 1920s, during the Jazz age and prohibition. This was a time when women were trading in their long dresses for swanky skirts, and they used big, bold jewelry pieces as flashy symbols of their newfound freedom.

The stones in cocktail rings aren’t usually diamonds, as a big chunky diamond doesn’t usually fit into smaller fashion budgets. Commonly used cocktail ring stones include cubic zirconia stones as well as gemstones. While some cocktail rings are 12 or 14 karat gold all the way through, other rings may be made of sterling silver and then gold plated.

Charms Rings are Great for Everyday Looks

While cocktail rings catch attention because they are big and chunky, charm rings can also catch the attention of others. This type of ring can be a baguette ring, a pave band, or even a playful pendant-topped ring. Like cocktail rings, charm rings are also used as statement pieces.

This type of ring can really complete an outfit and help to show off a person’s personality. Charm rings are perfect to wear every day and are professional enough for the office. This type of ring is known for being fun, flirty, and a piece that shows off the personality of the person wearing it.

There are many designs to choose from when it comes to charm rings. These rings come with floral designs, star designs, hearts, butterflies, and more. Many people choose their outfit first and then choose a charm ring that accents the outfit. Keep in mind that rings draw attention to the hand, so it’s a good idea to have the nails manicured as well.

Dainty Rings are Perfect for Special Occasions

Those styling an outfit for a special occasion should consider using dainty rings as accessories. These rings are lightweight, elegant, and pair perfectly with ball gowns and evening dresses. Many people wear dainty rings to proms, weddings, fancy dinners, and any other occasion that where a flashy large ring may not be appropriate.

A dainty ring typically has a thin and simple band. The band can be plain, have diamonds or gemstones all the way around the band, or have one gem on the top. Eternity rings and some wedding bands fall into this category.

Because this ring is simple, it’s also perfect to wear to the office or a business meeting. A big, flashy cocktail ring can be too distracting for a work meeting, but a dainty ring can look sleek and sophisticated. This type of ring is a great fashion accessory that won’t take attention away from the business at hand.

Personalized Rings for a Personalized Look

Those who really like to personalize their look should consider personalized rings. What is a personalized ring? This is a ring that has been custom ordered with a person’s initials, name, child’s name, or any other word of their choosing.

These rings are available in all metal colors and in many styles. There are large, chunky statement rings and small, dainty rings. They can be ordered with a single gemstone initial or with a full name. These personalized rings are popular with mothers, adults, teenagers, and young girls.

Some people choose to have a ring personalized with a number. The number can be the year that a person graduated, got married, or the year a child was born. Some people order rings with the number of their favorite sports player. They then use the ring to accessorize their outfit for the big game.

Another personalization option is engraved jewelry. The jewelry typically has a blank space strategically placed to showcase personalized engraving. Some people choose to have a person’s name engraved, while other people choose a favorite word or a favorite quote. A big benefit of engraved personalized jewelry is that people can have anything they choose engraved on the piece.

rings to wear

Stand Out with Colored Gemstones

When purchasing a new ring, keep in mind that colored gemstones can really stand out. Clear and white stones are common and can pair well with any outfit. Colored gems will give any outfit a nice pop of color.

What color stones are popular with rings? Aside from white, popular colored gemstones include shades of blue, green, yellow, pink, onyx, and red. For each color, there will be multiple shades available. For example, blue stones are available in shades from light aqua to dark sapphires and everything between.

Some rings may have one stone in a single color. Other rings may have many stones in assorted colors. All of the stones in a ring can be one shade, or the ring can be covered in rainbow stones. There are no color rules when it comes to gemstone colors.

Metal Colors Available for Rings

When using a ring to style an outfit, make sure to choose a metal that compliments the outfit. Currently, rings come in an assortment of colors including yellow gold, white gold, different shades of rose gold, and silver. Common ring metals include sterling silver, 12-karat gold, 14-karat gold, and gold plated.

There may be some rings available that use a mixture of metals or that come in unique metals. The tone of the metal needs to compliment the outfit and not clash. For example, if wearing a gold-colored dress, pair it with gold-toned jewelry. Silver jewelry could clash with a gold dress, so always keep complementary colors in mind.

Fashion experts advise that people keep a few other factors in mind when choosing which color of jewelry to wear. These factors include the person’s skin tone and makeup choices. Beauty experts warn that people with fair skin can look washed out when wearing gold. They also say that gold can really pop for people with darker skin.

When it comes to pairing makeup with rings, experts say that the two should never be in competition with each other. What does this mean? It means that, to keep a look balanced, pair simple makeup with flashy jewelry pieces. One can also do the opposite, meaning wear simple rings and jewelry when a person goes all out on their makeup.

How to Easily and Accurately Measure for Ring Size

Not everyone knows what their ring size is. Some people try to use a ruler or a tape measure to measure around their finger, but this can be difficult. A simpler and more accurate way to measure ring size is with a string.

Wrap a string around the finger and cut off the excess string. Then, take the string and lay it against the tape measure or ruler. Using a string gives a more accurate measurement than trying to measure around the finger with a long, rigid object.

The measurement of the string will allow a person to find out what their ring size is. For example, if the string measures two inches exactly, the correct US ring size is five and a half. There are helpful charts out there that will convert the length of the string to ring size. There are also charts that convert millimeters to ring size and charts that convert US ring sizes to international ring sizes.

This process can be repeated for each finger. By doing so, a person will know all of the different ring sizes that will fit their hand. Some rings are only available in certain sizes, and knowing the size of each finger will let the buyer know if the ring would fit their hand.

Rings are the Ultimate Fashion Accessory

In conclusion, with a little thought, a ring can help pull an outfit together. Rings are great fashion accessories and are available in multiple metal colors. They come in an assortment of sizes and styles, which is great for someone with an eclectic wardrobe. Rings are also available at different price points, which means that they can easily fit into any fashion budget.

While clothing styles can change with the season, the same rings can be worn all year long. When purchasing a ring, the shopper does not have to worry that the ring will be out of style in a few months. Rings are the ultimate fashion accessory and are timeless pieces that can last a lifetime.


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