Should You Rent or Buy a Boiler?

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An industrial boiler is often seen as a big investment for a company. That’s why you’ll want the problem to be fixed as soon as it happens.  When the repairs are extensive, it could take a while before things get back to normal. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late as that could result in serious losses to your company.

If you’re buying an industrial boiler for the first time, you’re also likely to have a lot of questions. Should you rent or buy? In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the considerations to have in mind before making a purchasing decision.

How It Works

The majority of industrial boiler providers will rent the service to their customers. In most instances, there will be a long-term lease that is mutual between the two parties involved. Clients can choose from steam and hot water boilers depending on their needs and requirements. It’s important to anticipate your requirements as you might need a bigger capacity with time.

Why Choose a Rental Boiler?

There are benefits of entering into a lease agreement instead of buying a commercial boiler. The biggest benefit of boiler rental is the cost-saving that it provides. This could be an option if your industrial boiler is damaged and needs repairs. There will be no need to buy a new one as you can rent as yours get fixed. The option of renting also presents the opportunity to try different boilers without making the commitment to buy. You get to gauge how the boiler can integrate with existing equipment without making the purchasing commitment.

Rental Services and Care

With renting a boiler, you get access to a team that is always ready to provide the needed assistance when necessary. The rental company will be in charge of the repairs and maintenance but this will mostly depend on the lease agreement. The company will also provide training on safe usage and best practices so that potential hazards are taken care of. There are regular inspections and potential problems are identified before getting out of hand.


It doesn’t matter if you buy or rent a boiler, it’s always nice to have a portable boiler as backup. Portable boilers are easy to assemble and provide peace of mind that there is an alternative in case your main boiler starts acting up. They’re not as expensive as the industrial boilers but can provide emergency support as you get things done.

Getting the Right Industrial Boiler

If you have an outdated boiler and want a long-term fix to the challenges that you’re currently experiencing, buying an industrial boiler could be the right solution. Since it’s a big purchase, you’d want to make sure that you’re doing research. You don’t want to buy a boiler that will fail only after a few years of usage.

 Ask for different quotes from your representatives so as to have a rough idea of how much you’ll be paying for the boilers. Some of the details you should pay close attention to will include capacity, key specs, safety features, and information about the in-built features. It will also help to ask the service rep about the maintenance costs.

Why Buy a Boiler?

When you buy a boiler as opposed to renting, you get to choose the make, determine the specifications and exact size. If you’re looking to reduce the carbon footprint, you should look for compact boilers. Authorities are always clamping down on emissions and you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law because of operations. If you’re thinking about long-term usage of the boiler, it might be more economical to buy a boiler instead of renting. Just make sure you have all the guarantees regarding the item you’re paying for. At, you’ll find multiple options and enough information to educate yourself and choose what best fits your needs

Looking at the Specifics

There are better controls with new boilers compared to what you’d get with a rental boiler. There is pin-point accuracy with the switches for improved efficiency. The products come functional and ready to be operated out of the box instead of having to do modifications which is the case for rental boilers.

Boiler Maintenance

For your boiler to perform safely and efficiently, it’s imperative to take a proactive approach to maintenance. Once you make the purchase, daily maintenance should be one of the key tasks to prioritize. There should be a log for all the daily activities. You should measure water levels, fuel consumption, flue gas temperature, and operating temperature. Keeping a log of such details will help in determining when there is an issue with the boiler.

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