Signs You Need to Get in Touch With a Commercial Refrigerator Repair Technician

Refrigerator Technician
Refrigerator Technician

In order to operate a profitable kitchen or food business, there is a need to also have a commercial refrigerator that is functioning optimally. You can keep foods for longer periods so that you’ll not have to worry about losing money. The same doesn’t always apply when there is an issue with the cooler.

That is why it is vital that you’re looking for a repair technician as soon as you make the purchase. You’ll know who you need to reach out to in case there are issues with the commercial refrigerator. There are some signs that your commercial refrigerator needs to be repaired or replaced and we’re going to highlight some of them.

The Unit is Too Old

It makes sense for wanting to make the most out of any commercial appliances. Replacing a commercial refrigerator is a huge financial undertaking. Any Portland Commercial Refrigeration Repair technician should be honest about the condition of the unit. This will make you aware of a repair or a replacement is necessary. Most commercial refrigerators can last up to 15 years if they’re properly maintained. If yours is older than that, it will be time that you started budgeting for a replacement.

Fridge Reads Cold Even When the Thermostat is Warm

The thermostat could be reading the fridge is maintaining a warm temperature even though that is not what is happening inside. There is a high likelihood that the problem could be the thermostat and there will not be a lot to worry about. The thermostat is connected to the compressor. If there is an issue with the temperature reading, the fridge could be working extra hard to cool when that shouldn’t be the case.

The first thing you’ll need to do would be to check the thermostat. It could be in need of replacement. If the thermostat and the compressor are working, the issue could be the motor that is burnt out. Such repairs are not as simple as they seem and it is vital that you’re getting in touch with an experienced technician so that you’re not looking at expensive repairs down the road. The compressor is affordable and having an experienced repair technician look at what could be the problem will save you hundreds of dollars in expensive repairs.

Repair Your Refrigerator
Repair Your Refrigerator

Hot Refrigeration

There is a possibility that your fridge might be too warm for it to function optimally. If the contents of the refrigerator are warm after some time, this could be an issue with the sealing system. The cold air could be escaping no matter how much the motor keeps running to try and rectify the situation. The inside of the cooler could be warm in all the areas and good is getting worse even though that shouldn’t be happening. It could be a problem with airflow and that is will also depend on how the interior of the fridge is organized. The problem could also be an issue with the condenser that needs to be replaced if the back of the unit feels hot.

High Energy Bills

If you’ve started experiencing high energy bills, you’d want to do an energy audit to get to the bottom of the problem. In a commercial setting, every energy-saving endeavor counts. It could lead to saving thousands of dollars.  The above mentioned could lead to high energy bills because the refrigerator has to work extra harder in order to cool the contents inside.

Getting the Right Technician

Once it is established that there is an issue with the commercial cooler, the next challenge would be to get a reputable technician that can help with the situation. The first thing you’d want to make sure of is that the technician is experienced with your commercial unit. This is because getting a shady contractor could result in more expensive repairs and it will be better just to solve the problem from the onset. You also want to get a repair technician that is locally based as you can never know when you’ll need them. They should be able to respond to an emergency situation as you could be facing hundreds of dollars in spoilt food.


There should be a maintenance schedule in place that will ensure that potential problems are detected early before getting out of hand. This will only be possible if you get a reputable and experienced technician that will be able to handle all the issues that could be facing your commercial refrigerator.


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