Questions You Need To Address Before Redesigning Your Online Store Logo

Design Your Logo
Design Your Logo

Your online store logo is undoubtedly one of the key elements of your brand. While some brands have aced it the first time around like Nike, not all brands are as lucky and re branding with a logo change might be necessary. If you feel that your brand needs a logo update or redesign then read this guide to understand how to get started.

Vital Questions To Ask Yourself

Before you take the plunge of logo redesign here are 5 questions you should ask yourself to ensure a logo redesign is what your brand needs.

Is The Market Getting Competitive?

Do you suddenly feel like there is fierce competition in your industry? If so, then redesigning your logo can be a way of connecting to your old and new customers. While you can relay the message of being evolving to your old customers you can show your new customers that you know you are good at what you do. All with the help of a logo redesign or update.

Has Your Business Evolved?

It is natural for changes to occur in a brand and if you feel like your company has changed at the core then it is time for your online store logo to change. What has changed about your business? Has the mission changed? Have the values changed? Do you have a new approach that is completely different from when you started out? Consider these questions when redesigning your logo.

Has Your Audience Changed?

Retaining existing customers is essential for every brand but you want your brand to be able to attract a new audience too. And this can be one of the reasons for redesigning the online store logo. Redesigning your logo in such a way that your existing customers feel like the originality is still there while the new audience thinks you are interesting is key. It can be tricky but it is possible.

What Changes Have Taken Place?

If your business has changed the products and services it provides then it may be time for your online store logo redesign. For example, if you have expanded your business by adding new products or providing additional services then a logo redesign is an option to consider because big changes have taken place. These should be reflected in your logo too.

A logo redesign is necessary if you have expanded.
A logo redesign is necessary if you have expanded.

Has Your Logo Been The Same Since Decades?

When was your logo created? If the answer is ‘too long ago’ and you haven’t changed it since then, then perhaps it is time to change it now and updating it to reflect your brand today. While you can retain the basic elements, tweaking your store logo here and there can go a long way when done the right way. Sometimes change is necessary after a while.

Is It Going To Be A Redesign Or A Refresh?

When you are thinking of making any changes to your Shopify online store logo, it is imperative that you know whether you want to just refresh the existing logo or you want to redesign it altogether.

Refreshing is like making small adjustments here and there while keeping the basic idea of the logo the same. Your logo designer will make small noticeable changes to the logo but the base will remain the same. This approach is less dramatic than a full redesign. You might choose to change the colors in your logo, change the font, alter the sizes of the shapes utilized in the logo or change where the brand name is placed in the logo. An example of this will be MasterCard’s logo where small changes were made that made a big difference.

When you think your online store logo requires a redesign there are many factors to keep in mind. You need to determine what it is about your current logo that isn’t working anymore. Then you need to think about what can stay and what needs to change. You might want to change the font or typography. You might want to change the color scheme. When you are doing this you need to carefully think about your brand today and which elements in the logo still represent your brand so they can stay and which ones should be let go. You might want to shorten your name like Federal Express did when it changed the name to FedEx.

An important factor to think about when redesigning is your customers. Especially if you had the logo for quite some time, then chances are your customers now recognize you when they see that logo. Do you think your existing customers will have a tough time associating your brand with the new logo? Do you think that it is a big risk to redesign completely? Are you thinking about expanding your customer base? You want to think from the perspective of your customers and you must be willing to take the risk if redesigning is necessary and you know a logo makeover is a must.


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