7 Ways to Protect Your Business From Ransomware


One of the most important skills to have for today’s business leaders is an understanding of the different cyber threats that confront an organization, including ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts files and once your system is infiltrated, the attacker will then demand a ransom in exchange for regaining access to your files. To protect your business against this threat, this article will highlight some of the most important things you can do to prevent these attacks from occurring. 

Educate Users 

The best defense against ransomware is user education. From recognizing social engineering techniques to avoiding clickbait, inform employees about the different ways by which ransomware can enter your network. They must be familiar with how it spreads and what it does. Hiring a security consultant to train users will help.  

Implement Application Whitelisting 

Application whitelisting authorizes certain programs that can be installed on a device, which means that they have been identified to be safe to use. If a program is not whitelisted, then it is blocked by default. Unknown files will not be executed unless they have been tested. Plus, it can prevent the spread of viruses that can infect your computers. 

Require Multi Factor Authentication 

One of the best practices for cybersecurity is the use of strong and unique passwords. While this is effective, it isn’t enough and therefore you should implement multi factor authentication as well. This will provide a secondary verification layer and effectively prevents critical networks from being hacked. 

Restrict Access 

By limiting access, you are minimizing risk exposure. Identify the key employees who need to access specific systems because if those systems are open for all, you will be more vulnerable to attacks. Those who will be granted access, meanwhile, should use strong passwords. 

Update Regularly 

Operating systems and programs should be updated regularly. Older versions are more susceptible to ransomware and other security threats. In contrast, constant updates mean that you always have the latest security patch. 

Embrace Blockchain

One of the most innovative approaches to fighting ransomware is the use of blockchain. Being decentralized, blockchain prevents the reproduction of information that can be held for ransom. It has no point of failure that can be exploited. Plus, using blockchain makes information immutable, which means that it cannot be altered even by the administrator. 

Backup Your Data 

In some instances, regardless of how prepared you are, ransomware can still infiltrate your network. To minimize impacts on your business operation, a backup is recommended. This means that you can still have access to the data that you need. However, take note that even when you have a backup, the attackers can still use the information they already have. 

In sum, ransomware is a huge threat in today’s organizations. Effective business leaders must have the know-how to manage such, as well as other common cybersecurity risks. To do this, taking online short courses will help. They equips you with the knowledge and skills to minimize vulnerabilities.


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