How To Choose a Race in The Elder Scrolls

elder scroll maps
elder scroll maps

Races in Elder Scrolls not only determine your character’s starting area and allegiance, but it also grants a specific set of skills. The race you pick determines the bonuses that your character receives throughout the game. However, farming gold during the leveling process can get a bit tedious, so you can buy ESO gold from other players to speed up progression.

How many races are there in ESO?

In SEO, the races are locked behind three factions. There are three races in each faction making for a total of nine races. The Imperials race is special because they can join any alliance. The factions along with their races are mentioned below:

1. Dragonfall Alliance– The goal of this alliance is to establish law and order across Tamriel. The faction consists of Redguards, Bretons, and Orcs.

  • Bretons- They are suitable for Magicka builds that specialize in ranged healing and DPS. The characters from these races become Necromancers, Sorcerers, and Templars. Most of their passive abilities either increase the character’s Magicka pool and reduce ability costs.
  • Redguard- The Redguard are cultural people and they have dedicated their lives to devotion, honor, with the hopes of becoming disciplined warriors. These characters are damage dealers but instead of Magicka, they rely on pure raw strength. Like Magicka, the Redguard passive greatly raises the max stamina cap and reduces ability costs. 
  • Orsimer- The Orsimer are a race of orcs that rely on physical abilities. These characters specialize in tanking such as Warden, Templar, or a Dragonknight. The passive skill tree of this race offers increased weapon damage, stamina, health, and a little bit of agility.

2. Ebonheart Pact- The Ebonheart Pact is a unique form of self-governance, where the decision of the leader must be consented to by the three races. The factions consist of the Nord, Argonian, Dunmer races.

  • Nord- The Nord are warriors with high stamina and health. They specialize in tanking and are more defense-oriented than the Orsimer. Instead of weapon damage, their passive skills offer damage resistance and ultimate chargers on incoming damage.
  • Argonian- The Argonian benefit from their connection with The Hist. They are efficient healers and potion consumers. Their passive skills offer bonus health, Magicka, and stamina recovery on consuming a potion.
  • Dunmer- Dunmers are dark elves and they specialize in stat boosts. They are decent damage dealers with a high survivability kit.

3. Aldmeri Dominion- After the fall of the Imperial city, the High Elves along with Wood Elves and Khajiit formed the Aldmeri Dominion. The alliance contained the Altmers, Bosmer, and Khajiit races.

  • Khajiit- The Khajiit are proficient with bladed weapons and are a proud race of fearsome feline warriors. They gain bonus crit hit damage and stat boost from passive abilities.
  • Wood Elf- The Wood Elves are some of the best archers in ESO. Most of the skill tree abilities are geared towards damage penetration, stamina recovery, and movement.
  • Altmer- The Altmer is a proud race of High Elves specializing in magic. Almost all of their skill bonuses contain some sort of increased magical damage modifiers.

Exploring all of these races can get a bit boring considering that you’d have to buy/repair gears, mounts, or even increase inventory space. All you have to do to speed up the process is to buy ESO gold online, so you can enjoy the game instead of rummaging it for gold.


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