Vital Questions To Ask Your Immigration Lawyer


The process of migrating to a different city or country can be quite complicated. The immigration process tends to differ from one person to another, as there are different categories. This implies that people trying to process it need to confirm which category they belong to before beginning the process. Usually, immigration can be processed without consulting with a lawyer, but in certain cases, it may be necessary to hire an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers can help determine the best options and also hasten the process. There are several good lawyers like Nashville immigration attorney Christopher Colavecchio that a candidate can consult with. During the consultation, here are some important questions to ask an immigration lawyer:

Are You Solely An Immigration Lawyer?

This is a very important question to ask because it has been observed that lawyers that focus on one field tend to have more positive results. So, if the lawyer also practices other aspects of the law such as criminal law, chances are that he will be distracted by his other cases. However, an immigration lawyer with a sole focus on immigration will focus all energy and resources on immigration cases.

What Association Do You Belong To?

Aside from finishing from law school and having relevant experience in the field, lawyers tend to be members of several reputable associations. For immigration lawyers, there is the America Immigration Lawyers Association that not only endorses the lawyers’ practices but also regulates them by holding them to a high standard. If the lawyer you are consulting with is not a member of this association, it may not be a good idea to engage their services.

Have You Ever Had An Issue With Malpractice?

Lawyers are not perfect, which means they can also make mistakes. However, it is possible to have a very long law career without any case of malpractice or legal reprimand. Immigration candidates should ensure that the lawyer they are consulting with and possibly hiring has never received any disciplinary action because this implies that the lawyer does things stated by the law.

Have You Ever Handled A Case Like Mine?

Asking this particular question helps the candidate know if the lawyer can handle the case. If a lawyer has handled a case like a candidate’s before, then he will know all that should be done to ensure success. The lawyer will know all that should be avoided, and the exact time it will take to round up the process. The lawyer will be able to correctly anticipate some things that will pop during the processing.

What’s The Best Approach For My Case?

Taking into consideration that different candidates may require a different approach, it is vital to ask the lawyers what approach they think is best for the candidates. For instance, if a candidate is migrating with his family, then it will be probably best to apply for a work visa rather than a family visit visa. The lawyer will be able to clearly state the appropriate immigration process for the candidate.

What Is The Probability For Success?

Candidates need to understand that there are times their immigration process may fall through for whatever reason. Thankfully, this can be avoided if one consults with an immigration lawyer. The immigration lawyer will assess the candidate and will be able to determine the likelihood of a successful migration. Should in case anything may serve as a hindrance, the lawyer can point it out, thereby speculating the probability for success.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

This is a question that will determine whether or not the candidates can move forward. Even if the candidates fit all the criteria, they need to be able to afford the process. In addition to this, the candidates need to confirm what the fee of their immigration lawyer will be. After this has been confirmed, and the candidates can afford the process, the next question to ask will be how soon the processing can begin and how long it will possibly take before one gets results.

After asking these questions, immigration candidates will get a clearer insight into the process as well as the capabilities of the lawyer they are consulting with. They can then proceed with all that needs to be done. Also, an immigration candidate should never depend solely on any information gotten from immigration officials. Rather, the candidate should get all necessary information from an immigration lawyer. 


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