How to Run a Successful Small Café

pos system for cafe
pos system for cafe

While running a café, you need to focus on cutting costs and growing your customer base. Doing this will improve the overall success of your business. Even if you run a well-established café, there is always room to make changes and improve your service. No matter when you opened, you will never stop learning about what works best.

According to, the daily logistics of your café can always be adjusted and optimized. But the process is mostly trial and error, as you have to test what works best in certain circumstances. However, this article will provide useful information on running a successful small café.

Tips on Running a Successful Small Café

During the course of running your café, you will need to do the following to be successful.

1. Open at the right times.

You need to make sure that your business opens at the right times of the day. The right times of the day for your business will depend largely on factors like your premises’ location and your customer profiles. 

For instance, a café located in a quiet area might be able to save money by opening around midday rather than in the morning. Also, a cafe catering to young professionals might benefit by staying open in the evening because of their social activity.

2. Reconsider Stock and products

Improving your products and stock management techniques helps you save money by increasing sales and reducing waste. You can only sell the most popular items to boost turnover by increasing the sales you make. When you do this, you will have the chance to focus on improving the quality of the items left.

3. Implement a Good Training Program

Making quality coffee beverages is a skill, and you cannot trust just anyone with the job. You need to implement a thorough training program for new staff members. Also, you should offer continual training for all staff members. You can ask representatives to come into your shop to help train and teach on specific items.

Also, it would be best if you offered a fair wage. When you do this, you will keep your staff cohesive and content.

4. Maximize the Workspace and Floor Efficiency

If your café is in a good location, real estate will be expensive. You need to maximize the space that you have to keep your staff efficient and customers comfortable. Plan your floor in a way that provides comfortable spaces while allowing as many guests as possible. You should also leave enough room for your staff to work well.

Cafés need a large amount of storage and workspace, especially if you serve food or during peak hours. It would help if you kept your needs during your busiest hours in mind while planning your spatial arrangement.

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5. Start a Loyalty Program

You need to know your regulars and reward them with an occasional free coffee or pastry. You don’t have to be stingy with your loyalty rewards. The customers that take advantage of it are those spending the most time and money in your café.

6. Offer a Wide Variety of Products

You will need also to offer some pastries or other snacks at your café. However, you can also expand your food menu. It will be profitable to become a brunch destination rather than just coffee. Your customers will love a coffee shop that is a part of the community.

But it would help if you were careful not to stretch yourself so much. Do not offer so much that you end up with substantial waste. Make sure you cater to a specific coffee clientele. If you do not want to sell a particular type of coffee, it is your decision to make.

7. Know Your Community and Neighborhood

Unlike many retail businesses, a café is very much a member of the community. It is very likely to define a neighborhood or become a landmark. If you own a café, you would want every coffee drinker in your shop. So it is not a bad idea to know that community well.

Make sure your prices are affordable. Plan your space for families, for young professionals and their laptops, or whatever customer that may come in.

8. Clean as Much as Possible

It would be best if you implemented a prep schedule to ensure that your staff keeps the space clean at all times. You also need to carefully label and date all the perishable items and discard them when expired. Make sure to train everyone on health regulations. This practice is required by the law and is good.

In addition, do not serve anything you wouldn’t enjoy if you were a customer. This practice will help you keep a certain standard as regards to quality.

9. Create an Atmosphere

Your customers do not always come around for a cup of coffee. They may want a spot to get together with old friends. Or, they want a place to relax and read the paper. Some might want to study for a test or even work remotely. Make sure you keep this in mind while setting up your space.

You can always change this down the road once you understand your typical customer. You can now make it an inviting space for people. This way, they will always be tempted to come back for whatever escape they need.

10. Choose the Right Café Point of Sale System

Let your POS make your business easier to run. Your POS software should make your café flexible and scalable and handle a high volume of customers. Your POS system can help with ordering, scheduling, inventory, etc. There are many POS software to choose from, such as Square, ShopKeep, Toast, and Loyverse, etc.


Running a café is a profitable business, and if you want to be successful, you need to maximize your profit. There are several ways to improve your business and maximize profit. They include maximizing your workspace, choosing good POS software, etc. In all, your café deserves the best, and you can get it with the information in this article.


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