Complete Buyers Guide And The Most Popular Pokémon TCG Sets 2020


Are your kids obsessed with Pokemon sets? Do you wish to learn more about the Pokemon TCG  set? This buyer’s guide will educate you about the most popular pokemon tcg sets of 2020.

Where Did The Pokemon Game Begin?

Pokemon is one of the most popular Japanese games among kids. The English meaning of this game is “Pocket Masters”. The main concept of this game is, you will have to catch all 800+ available game characters as soon as possible with the franchise.  

What Do You Mean By TCG Card games?

The Pokemon TCG is a trading game where players must collect cards to compete against each other. You can order these cards with the help of booster packs. 

The booster pack contains 10 random cards. 6 standard cards, 3 uncommon cards, and 1 rare card. You can increase your chances of collecting better cards with the most popular pokemon tcg sets. 

You will need new booster packs each and every year where each pack has approximately 200 cards. With the help of these cards, you can easily get new themes such as Shield Darkness Ablaze, Sword Rebel Clash, etc.  If you are looking for pokemon TCG sets then you can easily get them from the older versions such as Moon and Sun, Diamond and Pearl, etc. 

The best reason to buy booster cards is to get a better distribution. Another great reason for purchasing booster packs is to command a better price. As you begin to immerse in the game, you will get to know the term ” playset, ” which refers to 4 copies of cards. You need to buy at least 240 booster packs to collect 4 documents with 60 rare cards. 

How Can You Collect Pokemon TCG Cards?

The franchise releases only 4 sets of cards each year, so it’s difficult to collect all the groups. But you can order decked cards and have endless hours of fun. You can also get hold of the pokemon booster subscription box, which contains the most popular pokemon tcg sets. You can check the top website selling these deck cards and activate your subscription for free. There are several ways to collect cards like:

  • You can find local leagues from the official website to meet like-minded players and trade your cards.
  • Participate in pre-release and draft events and build decks right at the event. These are great for making an envious collection and have a fantastic time.
  • You can also purchase single cards online through e-stores, which have pokemon cards on display. 
  • Research about the cards you wish to collect. It is easier to collect available cards because they are released in sets. It becomes more difficult when a set goes out of print.
  • If you have purchased duplicate cards you can hold onto it and trade them with others. Duplicate cards can also be handy when you are exchanging a deck of cards.
  • You would also need to protect your most popular pokemon tcg sets. Store your cards in cool places and avoid contact with fire, water and direct sunlight.

Best Pokemon TCG Card Sets

If you are playing the Pokemon card game, you should know an endless number of cards. It’s hard to pin down the best pokemon cards from thousands of available options. Here is a great list you can follow and build an impressive collection of powerful cards. 

Surfing Pikachu

The Surfing Pikachu comes from X/Y: Evolutions set and features a round Pikachu on a surfboard. This nostalgic card will surely please you and build your competitive prowess.

Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele should be a stunning addition to your collection with Wonder Tag. Tapu Lele is a reasonably priced card and part of the Sun & Moon: Galaxy Rising Expansion series. 

Roaring Skies

This is another popular Pokemon tcg card set. These are known for their excellent color combination and variety of cards. It focuses on Raquaza and Mega Evolution form. The only flip side is the high duplicates present in the current version.

Ancient Mew Promotional Card

Ancient Mew is a pokemon collectors’ item and was first handed down in 2000. The card has been banned for play and features a text written in an ancient language. You can pick up this iconic Pokemon card for your collection. You can easily pick up the most popular pokemon tcg sets by purchasing a booster pack. Buy your card from online stores or trade locally to increase your collection.


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