Refresh Your Home’s Exterior Appeal With Painting Contractors In Tacoma


Who doesn’t want to have a welcoming home? As our homes’ exterior is more vulnerable to damage, it can lose its appeal real quick. Sun, rain, and other external factors will inevitably make the home exterior’s paint job fade or chip. When the exterior is stripped off its appeal, what is left to do? You can connect with the best painting contractors in Tacoma to refresh your home’s look. While the thought of selling off your home can be outrageous for such a minor reason, repainting it can be the best solution. Sometimes, you can just retouch your exterior’s painting just like that- not to make your neighbours jealous, but to simply make yourself feel good! 

The best option for you:

We understand the damage to the house’s exterior is unavoidable to some extent. This is why you will have to choose your painter wisely. When the market is full of your average painting contractors, choosing Flying Colors Painting Co Pierce County can be the best move you will ever make. We started our journey in 1980. Presently, with over 40 years in the painting trade, we have seamlessly transformed numerous homes. Are you looking for a professional paint job? Our commercial painters london can do the task for you!

What can we do for you?

Flying Colors Painting Co Pierce County is one of the most sought out painting contractors in Tacoma. Our running fuel is the thirst to serve you with only the best. Nothing but sheer excellence will flow from our paintbrushes. We can make your home stick out in the crowd of averagely painted houses. The curb appeal of your home can be the talk of the town.

Our path to making your home beautiful is organized. For flawless results, we power wash and scrape out loose paint before applying a new coat.

Check out what we have in store for you:

  • Painting body, trim, and doors
  • Bare wood priming
  • Scraping loose paint
  • Power washing
  • Sealing failing LP drip edges
  • Caulking butt joints and windows
  • Reconditioning weathered and checked T1-11 siding
  • Broken caulking overlaying
  • Lead paint renovation

Why Should You Choose Us?

You must be thinking you can hire just about anyone to repaint your home’s exterior. But our painting contractors in Tacoma have decades of experience to deliver flawless results. It is obvious to expect brilliant outcomes. We will meet every expectation of yours with utter brilliance and professionalism. Whatever you want, a minor trim or patio color, we will add our personal touch of radiance to it. We are known to provide painstakingly extraordinary results. Trust for the most meticulous paint job. 

  • We come equipped with a plethora of color choices.
  • Our painters offer impressive services.
  • No project will scare us- we take up every project with the same diligence. 
  • We have modern technologies for painting and innovations at our disposal.
  • We work on a budget.
  • We have the expertise to complete any project faster than the lighting. As we deliver fast results, you do not have to wait to see your freshly painted home.

A Commercial Approach For Commercial Needs:

The services from our painting contractors in Tacoma are not limited to your homes. Are you a business owner in need of commercial painting? We can handle the job for you. The priority to customer service goes up and above merit. When we say we are dedicated to serving you the best, we stand firm on our statement. As commercial painting is different from residential jobs, the techniques involved are also unique. Rest guaranteed that our painters possess the right antics to finish any paint job size with able hands. 

Let Us Tell You About Our Commercial Services:

Being one of the most famous painting agencies in town, we offer professional services for our customers. We provide a fantastic rate for all types of commercial painting packages. We can handle a wide array of commercial painting jobs. Check out below to know what the services are.

  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Waterproofing
  • Specialty coatings
  • Texture finishes
  • Staining

We understand every commercial need is different. That is why our painting contractors in Tacoma whip out dynamic solutions for our patrons. We work with different types of businesses, and they all have varying needs. Whatever you need to be, we are sure to meet your expectations without a single glitch. We offer our services for numerous industries such as,

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Condos and apartment buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Education buildings
  • Hospitality buildings
  • Retail locations
  • Recreational buildings

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you with your painting requirements today. Our experts will help you to achieve your dream home look with our professional painting services.  

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