100% Free and Safe: Painless Way to Manage Your Electronic Files Using GogoPDF Tools


You can find PDF everywhere. It could be eBooks, forms, brochures, catalogs, and many others. You can add endless content for your files in PDF format that you can use in many ways. Many companies from different industries utilize PDFs to manage their electronic files, such as accounting sheets, fillable documents, and other company-related paperwork.

Besides that, PDF is also a popular file format for teachers and students to view and use different teaching and learning materials. Hence, if you deal with tons of PDFs for whatever reason, you might find it quite challenging to manage these files properly. That’s why you need a system to help you make your job done most efficiently.

The best online platform you can find on the internet is GogoPDF. It’s a website with different useful tools you can utilize for your electronic files for absolutely free. Here’s a list of online tools of GogoPDF that will surely be of big help to manage your files painlessly, 100% free, and safe.

PDF Converter

When you’re looking for a specific file, but you can’t find it on your computer or smartphone, you’ll be needing the PDF converter of GogoPDF. It’s a tool that will let you convert your existing files to a file format you need to accomplish specific tasks. The process is easy and simple. You’ll only need to spend a few seconds from your time to get it done, but it will sometimes take longer, depending on how many files you’re converting.

You can use its online Word to PDF converter if you want to have a PDF copy of your Word documents. You can also convert your PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets to a fixed format of PDF. You can check the actual website to see other file formats available for file conversion that you might need for your electronic files.

PDF Merger

Another helpful tool of GogoPDF that you can use for free is the PDF merger tool. If you have tons of files in your computer storage or smartphone, this merger tool will allow you to combine multiple PDFs in one file. Hence, you can merge different files with the same content and serve the same purpose to finish a specific task.

You can also use other ways of classifying your electronic files and group them in a way that will make you find them quickly and conveniently.  You also have to put a new name to the merged files for easy future retrieval. Hence, if you have hundreds or thousands of electronic files in your file storage, the emerger tool will surely lessen the number, making them easy to manage and organize.

Split PDF Tool

If you’ve been using PDFs for a long time, you might have noticed that some information or data these files contain need revision, update, or complete removal from the file. You can simply change or update the information. However, since PDFs are in a fixed format, applying direct changes seems to be impossible.

Don’t worry because GogoPDF has an online tool you can use for free. It’s the split PDF tool that will allow you to remove particular pages of your PDF files that contain information or data no longer necessary. Just upload the PDF files on the online tool of GogoPDF.

Then, you have to choose how to split the files, either splitting them into separate pages or simply extract particular pages you want. After that, the system will save the changes you made to your PDF files. Once it’s finished, you can now download the PDF files without the pages you’ve successfully taken out and save to your computer file storage or smartphone.


It has been quite challenging to manage tons of electronic files on your computer or smartphone. However, the list of tools discussed above will definitely make your job done painlessly. In fact, you can find more tools on the official website of GogoPDF that you can use for your files. Hence, if you need one in the future, don’t forget to check GogoPDF.


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