Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service Providers in Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder Service Provider in Bangladesh
Oxygen Cylinder Service Provider in Bangladesh

The growing pandemic Covid-19 has given birth to new medical necessities in human life. Surgical masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, PPE( Personal protective equipment), Hexisol, Savlon, medical oxygen cylinders, etc.     

Medical oxygen cylinders in BD are one of the new necessary medical equipment for the Covid-19 positive patients who face breathing difficulties. Patients also had lung problems, asthma, pneumonia, congestive heart failure need oxygen cylinders. Oxygen cylinders are basically for patients who cannot breathe naturally. Oxygen cylinders give the patients emergency oxygen support.        

In an oxygen cylinder, oxygen is kept in liquid form. Oxygen cylinders are used in hospitals, medical care centers, ambulances, and at home too. As Covid-19 patients are being more willing to take treatment at home nowadays so the need for oxygen cylinder home delivery service providers has so much increased. ASSAINISSEMENT PARIS                                     

Oxygen Cylinder Providers in BD

Because of the growing Covid-19 pandemic, the need for medical oxygen cylinders has increased. It has become an emergency need for Covid-19 positive patients. Because of the need  the home delivery service providers of oxygen cylinders have spread up. 

There are many oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh that provide home delivery services . Some of the names of the oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh are 

  • Nursing Home Care
  • Linde Bangladesh 
  • Timely product
  • Oxygenbd.com
  • Oxygen Dhaka 
  • Oxygencylinderbd.com
  • Medical Oxygen Cylinder Dhaka     
  • Havenhealthcarebd.com
  • Ama Medical Shop
  • Aleef Surgical
  • SHEBA Agency 
  • Priyojon.care
  • Baperi.com
  • Tradeford
  • Cellbazaar.com
  • Apnar Deal.com
  • Day Night Care
  • Nursing Home Support BD
  • Sheba Lagbe Medical Supply
  • Oxygencylinderbd.com 
  • and many more. 

These Oxygen Cylinder home delivery service providers are active almost 24 hours during this pandemic and ensuring the fastest home delivery all over Bangladesh. 

Benefits the Oxygen Cylinder Providers in supply: 

The oxygen cylinder home delivery providers in bd are mainly providing two types of oxygen cylinder home delivery services to their customers. 

  • By rent or 
  • permanent buy. 

Permanently buying oxygen cylinders can be costly and refilling them is a complex process. So, renting oxygen cylinders is the best option as this is cost-effective. 

The oxygen cylinder home delivery service providers give many benefits to their customers. For example, timely product companies give free home delivery service to their customers & 24 hours of emergency support. They keep their emergency hotline number open 7 days in a week and 24 hours all day. The providers like Nursing Home Care,Oxygenbd.com, timely product limited, SHEBA Agency try to ensure the fastest delivery all over bd. 

Some of them give their customers special discounts on their further purchases. Linde Bangladesh provides high-quality medical oxygen in an easy to use cylinder. The oxygen cylinder providers in bd try to keep a continuous communication process with their customers so that they can give them emergency support whenever they are in need of an emergency. Day-Night Care company gives its service both online and offline 24 hours to their beloved customers for emergency purposes.     

Oxygen Cylinder Prices in BD:  

Most of the oxygen cylinder home delivery service providers have their cash on the delivery payment system. The price range of the oxygen cylinders in bd is quite reasonable. If anyone wants to buy an oxygen cylinder permanently it can be costly. 

It will cost ranging from 15,000.00 to 30,000.00 depending on various brands and weight of the oxygen.   

Renting them is the most reasonable form for most of the customers. 

The oxygen cylinder providers in bd basically rent cylinders by daily, weekly,10 days,15 days or 1-month duration. Renting oxygen cylinders for 30 days may cost 5000-6000, for 15 days it may cost 3000-3500, for 10 days it will cost 2000-2500, for 7 days it will cost 1200-1700 and on daily basis, it will cost up to 500 tk. 

The providers also permanently sell them. The oxygen cylinder home delivery service providers have their websites and emergency hotline numbers. Customers can order and purchase their oxygen cylinder from the websites or by directly calling on the providers’ hotline number. 

By calling on the emergency hotline number 333, any COVID-19 emergency patient can be provided with an emergency oxygen cylinder home delivery service in Bangladesh.              

The oxygen cylinder home delivery service providers in bd are giving their best effort to serve their old and new customers. They are trying to improve their technology and availability to their customers. They are trying hard to keep the price range reasonable for everyone.   

They are trying to give their best to be more reachable and easy to purchase for the customers all over bd. They are working hard to provide their services to emergency patients 24 hours.  

It has been easier to have medical care at home for the helping behavior and continuous instructions of the oxygen cylinder home delivery service providers.   


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