OTG vs Oven – What’s Best for Indian Family


India and its Indian families are known for cooking delicious dishes and savouries. As much as India is famous for its food, it’s also famous for its way of cooking. India holds a very aesthetic place when it comes to food. And so are the people of India – big foodies.

In this article, we discuss what’s best for Indian families – an OTG or an oven?

But first let’s understand what they are, how they are used and their functionalities.

What is an OTG?

OTG basically stands for oven, toaster and grill, all three in one. It can be said that it’s a smaller version of the traditional oven. It doesn’t require much setting up and only makes the use of a heated coil to cook food. There is in additional thermostat that’s present in the OTGs and it is this thermal state that helps in regulating the temperature and it also ensures that the food is heated properly.

What is a Convection Microwave Oven?

It’s not like a normal microwave it is much much more than that and has even additional features than that. It is quite sophisticated and does more than just reheating and boiling. As the name goes it’s easy to understand that it uses microwaves to cook your meals and is a quite quicker way as compared to other options.  For Best OTG Oven in India, or for Indian families you can read so many guides available on web

So let’s address the elephant in the room – what’s best for Indian families – an OTG or an oven?

If you think about it, both OTG and oven are quite helpful when it comes to heating your food or boiling water or cooking your meals or baking cookies, cakes etc. However, if you have ever used both of them, then you could easily understand the subtle differences between both of them.

If you are inclined to using one over the other, and by understanding these differences and your needs, you can easily decide which one to buy for your kitchen.

Differences between an OTG and an oven:

i. The heating in an OTG happens with the use of electric coils whereas in an oven it’s electromagnetic waves that help you heat your food by causing your food particles to oscillate.

ii. the heat distribution in an OTG is quite less even as compared to the heat distribution in an oven.

iii. An OTG takes a longer time to heat your food, which is approximately 15 minutes whereas an oven takes quite less time to heat your food which is approximately 5 minutes.

iv. The consumption of power is quite low in an OTG whereas it’s quite high in an oven.

v. there is no available option of auto cook functionality in an OTG whereas in an oven there is one.

vi. An OTG is quite economical as well as affordable when it comes to the price, on the other hand, an oven is quite expensive.

vii. There are many container options available in both OTG and oven. The container options in OTG are namely – glass, metal, silicone and ceramic, the options available in an oven are – glass, silicone and ceramic but not metal.

viii. An OTG is quite lightweight and it’s very easy to move it around whereas and the oven is relatively heavy and not easy to shift around, often.

ix. As the name goes, an OTG can perform the functions of baking, grilling and toasting, on the other hand, an oven is most suitable for simple baking and defrosting.

These were some of the main differences between an OTG and an oven. Despite being quite similar in the way they are and their usage, there still are some important differences that need to be looked upon while making a decision to buy one of them.

However, there is more to consider than these differences when you go out to buy either an OTG or an oven.

Factors to consider before making a purchase:

The science behind cooking:

Basically, what happens with an OTG is, the cooking is done through the electric coils i.e. the heat is distributed through the coils. So when you cook food in an OTG, there is a fan to distribute all the heat evenly but still most of the heat that transfers the food is directly below the coils.

On the other hand, in an oven, electromagnetic waves are used to cook the meal. What they do is, they heat the water molecules present in the food. There is a rotating plate and the food is cooked by microwaves which ensure that the food is cooked evenly.

What to cook:

Basically, an OTG can bake, grill and toast food easily. But an oven can perform all these functions and it can additionally reheat your food, cook your meals easily and even de-freeze it – all of which an OTG simply can not.


The capacity of an OTG can reach up to 60 liters whereas the capacity of an oven is only 32 litres. Therefore, if you want to cook large batches of food then OTG will simply be a better option for you. Moreover, the rotating plate in an oven is very small, so it will be difficult to put big dishes on it.

Also even though an OTG has bigger capacity but it’s still very easy to handle because of its lightweight.


Although, the temperature range of an OTG and an oven is relatively the same the time it takes to preheat is considerably different. An OTG takes about 15 to 20 minutes to preheat whereas an oven can heat up in just about five minutes which will consequently decrease the cooking time.


Well, if we see there isn’t one better than the other situation here. Both the options are good in their own means and may be suitable for different people differently.

One option may suit you better than the other and now that you know all the key differences and the things to consider before making a purchase, go on and make a good decision and an investment – as we always say. Happy buying.


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