OnePlus Pad Go to Launch in India Next Month: Expected Price, Specs, and Features

oneplus pad go expectedprice , spec and features

OnePlus Debuts Its Inaugural Tablet, the ‘OnePlus Pad,’ at the Cloud 11 Event in New Delhi on February 7, 2023. Now, Get Ready for the Arrival of the ‘OnePlus Pad Go’ Successor on October 6, 2023, in India. Discover the Anticipated Price, Specifications, and Features Below.

OnePlus has officially confirmed that the OnePlus Pad Go will be launched in India on October 6th. The budget-friendly tablet will be available for purchase through Flipkart. While the specific price and detailed specifications have not yet been revealed, it is expected to come in two versions: one with Wi-Fi only and another with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

Exploring the Design of OnePlus Pad Go

  • Design Insights: OnePlus Pad Go Exhibits Familiarity with OnePlus Pad’s Curved-Edge Aesthetics and Camera Arrangement
  • Unique Visual Identity: The Back Design Showcases a Harmonious Blend of Two Green Hues, Combining Matte Metal and Glossy Finishes, Presented in the Captivating ‘Twin Mint’ Color Option
  • Hardware Highlights: Anticipated to Boast a Single Rear Camera and a Quartet of Speakers

OnePlus Pad Go Specifications

  • Display Excellence: When it comes to the display, the OnePlus Pad Go is expected to raise the bar with its impressive 2.4K resolution screen. This promises to deliver a heightened visual experience, making everything from streaming to gaming a true delight.
  • Operating System Evolution: Out of the box, the OnePlus Pad Go will be powered by OxygenOS 13, which is based on the robust Android 13 platform. Additionally, OnePlus has ambitious plans to keep your tablet up to date by offering an eventual update to Android 14, ensuring you stay on the cutting edge of software features and security.
  • Innovative Functionality: OnePlus is introducing some unique features to elevate your tablet experience. Content Sync enables seamless file sharing between OnePlus devices, simplifying the way you transfer important data. The tablet will also enable screen sharing with OnePlus smartphones, even without Wi-Fi, ensuring you can mirror your phone’s display effortlessly. Additionally, the OnePlus Pad Go will let you take phone calls directly on the tablet, providing versatility and convenience in your communication needs.

With these advancements in display quality, software, and functionality, the OnePlus Pad Go is shaping up to be a compelling choice for those seeking a top-tier tablet experience. Stay tuned for more updates as the launch date approaches!

OnePlus Pad Go Expected Price and Variants

  • Pricing Insight: The OnePlus Pad Go is poised to hit the market at an estimated Rs. 25,999 in India, offering a compelling package with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.


The OnePlus Pad Go is on the horizon, set to offer a promising blend of design sophistication, innovative features, and an immersive display. With an expected budget-friendly price point and configurations to suit various needs, it’s poised to make a splash in the Indian tablet market. As OnePlus continues to push boundaries, the Pad Go holds the potential to become a top choice for those seeking an exceptional tablet experience. Stay tuned at Reviewsontop for its official launch and more details coming soon.


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