OnePlus Phones Suffering High Battery Drain Problem.
OnePlus Phones Suffering High Battery Drain Problem.

OnePlus smartphone reportedly have shown high battery drain. The battery drain is more likely to be caused due to the latest WhatsApp update. The latest update has caused some serious battery to drain for OnePlus smartphone running on Android 9 and 10

The latest WhatsApp update has affected users even with limited usage of WhatsApp. It is being reported that the battery depletion appears to be caused by the messaging app’s version 2.19.308. The OnePlus Smartphone user immediately took to Reddit, OnePlus Forums and Twitter to share screenshot and complaint about the “OnePlus battery drain WhatsApp”.

Check below some tweet’s shared by user about the WhatsApp and OnePlus battery drain problem

The Battery Depletion for OnePlus.
OnePlus Battery Notification showcasing depletion in battery.
OnePlus 3T Battery Depletion – High Power Usage Reminder.

On Twitter users posted screenshots showing their phone’s system notification alerting them OnePlus battery drain after update. “Users have complained that in some cases it was using 25 to even 60 per cent of battery on their phones, even though they used the app for very minimal time” reported by Android Central.

The screenshots and link on OnePlus Forums appear to have been removed for now. But based on the comments on Twitter, Reddit, the WhatsApp battery draining issue is impacting across models, including the newer OnePlus 7T and 7 series and the older OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6 and even some Xiaomi users are reporting the same issue.

Here’s how to work on Fix

  • While updating WhatsApp from the Play Store you should update the app to a version higher than 2.19.308.
  • You can then download the V2.19.291 version of the app from here and sideload it.
  • Downgrading it to the previous version should solve the problem.

Let us know in the comments if you have an issue with WhatsApp on your OnePlus device.


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