OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro, Which One To Buy?

OnePlus 7T Vs OnePlus 7T Pro, which one should you buy?
OnePlus 7T Vs OnePlus 7T Pro, which one should you buy?

You can love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore OnePlus anymore. OnePlus has become one of the loved smartphones presently and been ruling the market with their segment of phone. The Chinese brand has been releasing stellar phones in the market and recently launched OnePlus 7T in this festive season. Just when we thought OnePlus 7T is enough, OnePlus 7T Pro came along to create a dilemma for “OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro”.

The Launch

OnePlus 7T Pro is more polished version of recently launched OnePlus 7T. It gets better and throws in another variant for the OnePlus 7T, the McLaren Edition. Both the phones are great and its obvious for the buyers to have a confused choice. Available on OnePlus Website and other leading online websites.

Buy NowOnePlus 7T, Glacier Blue
(8GB+128 Storage)
Flipkart, AmazonRs. 37,999
Buy Now OnePlus 7T, Frosted Silver
(8GB+128 Storage)
Flipkart, Amazon Rs. 37,999
Buy Now OnePlus 7T, Glacier Blue
(8GB +256 Storage)
Flipkart, Amazon Rs. 39,999
Buy Now OnePlus 7T Pro, Haze Blue
(8 GB+256 Storage)
Flipkart, Amazon Rs. 53,999

The Similarities

Both the phones offer a 90Hz refresh rate display. OnePlus 7T and One 7T Pro, both delivers great performance with their same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor and 8GB of RAM. Both provide in-display fingerprint sensor and have the same software for the operating system. Launched with triple rear camera with 48-megapixel sensor and gives matte finish on the glass rear panels.

What creates the Buyer Dilemma?

Talking about similarities, they both are 80 per cent similar to each other, however they both have several differences – things you want to know for OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro.

OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro have very few but listed differences.
OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro have very few but listed differences.

The Design
The 7T offers circular triple rear camera housing, while 7T Pro sports the same design as the OnePlus 7 Pro with vertical camera housing and no notch. OnePlus 7T Pro is the polished version of OnePlus 7T.

The Camera
Both phones offers the triple rear camera with 48-megapixel main sensor, 16-megapixel Ultra-Wide lens and a 117-degree field of view. Both the offering has telephoto lens, standard and pro model. Whats different in the camera specification for ? The OnePlus 7T offers 12-megapixel telephoto lens with 2x zoom, whereas OnePlus 7T Pro offer 8-megapixel telephoto lens with 3x zoom.

Display Size and Resolution
For OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro, both have a 90Hz refresh rate but differ in display size and resolution. OnePlus 7T has 6.55 inch AMOLED display, while the OnePlus 7T Pro sports a higher 6.67 inch AMOLED display.

7T sports 2400 x 1080 resolution, while the 7T Pro has a good 3120 x 1440 resolution. 

Battery and Storage
The Chinese brand, OnePlus offers a good battery capacity, and is known for its fast wrap charging. OnePlus 7T comes with 3800mAh battery while OnePlus 7T Pro shows 4085mAh battery capacity and claims to be 23 per cent faster charging.

The OnePlus 7T and OnePlus7T Pro offers no microSD storage expansion. 7T comes in 128GB and 256GB models, while OnePlus 7T only comes in 256GB.

OnePlus 7T vs OnepPlus 7T ProPrice
OnePlus 7T starts at Rs. 37,999 and is available in India market and online stores. OnePlus 7T Pro is quite expensive and starts at Rs. 53,999. The latest addition to this, McLaren Edition will be available on 5th November starting from Rs. 58,999.

The Verdict

The OnePlus 7T offers less capable camera to OnePlus 7T Pro but is less expensive and easy on pocket for smartphones under Rs. 40,000.
However, If you are choosing between two, OnePlus 7T Pro have lovely uninterrupted display, a good camera and better charging capacity so its a good choice if your budget allows. Otherwise, OnePlus 7T is great value for money this time round. 


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