Vehicle Tracking: How Onelap GPS can make your vehicle secure?

onelap vehicle tracking device.
onelap vehicle tracking device.

Do you care about your vehicle? If yes, then you should read this article till the end. At the end of this article, you will find a vehicle tracking system that will make your bike secure. If someone has a bike or car, people consider this a symbol of luxurious things & to some extent, it’s true. However, what we shouldn’t forget is it’s not just a luxury for some people. There was news in 2016 that a person in Europe married his car. Though not everyone marries their car, almost every vehicle owner considers their car or bike as a family member. Finding a non-living thing as your family member isn’t a bad thing, but one shouldn’t forget our responsibilities towards that thing.

Now, if people love their vehicle so much, then they must care about their car & they should be & Onelap GPS can help you a lot in tracking the car. It will not only show you the distance covered, but it will also give you alerts whenever someone other than you will try to start or steal your vehicle. The word “tracking” creates a negative image in people’s minds, but the Onelap vehicle tracking system will assure you that your car is safe in any circumstances. Onelap isn’t the big brand in the market, but it is one of the country’s fast growing companies, which will be a force to reckon in some time.

Advantages of GPS Tracker System

Here are the 9 advantages of the tracking system for vehicles:

1. Live Tracking:

Ask any cricket fan or football fan that he enjoys watching more between the live-action and highlights, and it’s not rocket science that almost everyone will say the live-action, which is obvious. When people don’t want to miss out on live action of their favourite sport. Then why vehicle owners and fleet owners should miss out on the live location of their vehicle. This feature helps fleet owners, mainly; they can track their car or truck whenever they want on a single mobile dashboard.

2. Theft Preventive Measure:

We are not unaware of the vehicle theft cases, which are on the rise in the country. According to a report in April 2019, in the first quarter of the year, 125 vehicles got stolen daily, which isn’t a small number by any means. Got scared! But don’t worry, Onelap GPS trackers anti-theft alarm can lessen your worry & can make your vehicle secure. Let me tell you how, suppose you parked your car in the parking area of your house like every day, but after some time, someone is trying to steal your vehicle while you’re in bed, but you have a GPS tracker installed in your car so you will get an instant anti-theft alarm & you get to wake up to stop him. Similarly, if you’re a fleet owner, then whenever someone other than you & your driver will try to start your car or truck, you will get an instant anti-theft alarm on your mobile.

3. Mark Geofences:

Through this, you can mark a particular area as Safe-Zone. Suppose if you have kept the parking area of your office as a safe-zone. Then whenever you enter or exit that area, you will get an instant alert message. It sounds like a regular function but can do wonders for you, particularly at unknown places.

4. Vehicle Health:

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have understood the importance of human health. We have taken every precaution regarding our health, recommended to us by the medical experts & medical authorities. Your vehicle is also an essential part of your life, and knows the health of your car & Daily Statistics can keep you updated. It will give you the details of your vehicle’s everyday journey, like how much distance it has covered, which route it has taken, how much time it has made & the overall health.

5. Save Fuel Cost:

This feature is beneficial for fleet owners as we know that during this COVID-19 pandemic, Fuel prices have mostly gone up. It isn’t a beautiful thing for fleet owners as they have their multiple vehicles running on various routes. Onelap GPS tracking software can help you reduce your decent vehicle’s fuel cost. Using this, you can track your driver’s behaviour & reduce the idling time & save big on Fuel.

6. Crisis Button:

What if I tell you that this GPS tracker has a button that can help you in emergencies? You won’t believe it, but this is true, it is called the SOS button. You can press this button when you are stuck somewhere so that satellites can track your location & it will generate an alert via your mobile application. Now let’s come to the last but not least, a feature of this device.

7. Financially Affordable:

As we know that whenever we want to buy something or want to get service for anything, MONEY is the king & rightly so because, without money, you can’t buy anything or can’t afford to get any assistance. For buying Onelap GPS tracking services, you won’t have to spend 20% of your vehicle’s cost. Its price starts from ₹ 3000, which is affordable for any car, bike & fleet owner.

How does it work?

Here are the 4 steps through which you can use the Onelap GPS System:

1. Buy: For enjoying our services first, you have to buy the Onelap GPS tracker from the subscription plan of your choice. It is available on both the official websites and on Amazon.

2. Installation: After buying the device, install the equipment into your vehicle. You can install it yourself, or you can get it done with any local technician’s help.

 3. Application: After installing the device, install the Onelap app from the Play Store and Sign Up to create your new account.

4. Tracking: After completing the above 3 steps, click on the Add Vehicle option & fill up all the details. Customer Support will activate your device within 10 minutes & you can start tracking your vehicle.


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