The 2021 NHL Draft

    nhl draft 2021
    nhl draft 2021

    The 2021 NHL draft will allow new players in the age range of 18-10 years to join an NHL team. The three major sources for players are NCAA teams, European junior and senior men’s hockey leagues, and the main junior hockey leagues in the USA and Canada.

    There are 7 rounds in which 31 players will be drafted each round. That makes a total of 217 players. This year’s entry draft will be the 59th edition of the occasion. It is also common to see a team trade their draft choices every year.

    This year’s draft lottery has also taken place with Buffalo Sabres taking the top spot. Read more details about the draft below. For more sports news, click here.

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    Requirements to Get Drafted for the 2021 NHL

    The date of birth of players that are eligible for this year’s draft is between January 1st, 2021, and September 15th, 2003. Non-American Ice hockey players whose birth date falls in 2000 can enter the draft. People who were born after June 30th, 2001, drafted in the 2019 NHL draft, and could not get into an NHL team are allowed to join this year’s draft.

    The Date and Location for the 2021 NHL Draft

    The NHL entry draft will be held on the 23rd and 24th of July, 2021. The normal annual scheduled time for the draft usually falls within June. The NHL committee shifted it by one month because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The 2020-21 NHL season also finished late. The draft will take place online via video conferencing. just like last year’s edition. The venue is NHL Network Studios in New Jersey.

    The 2021 NHL Draft Lottery

    Before the final draft in July, there was a draft lottery on June 2nd, 2021. The venue for the draft lottery was Secaucus, New Jersey. 15 teams competed for the no. 1 spot during the draft lottery. The 2021 draft lottery had two draws.

    The two draws determined the team for the first and second positions respectively. The Buffalo Sabres got the first position in the draft lottery. Seattle Kraken and Anaheim Ducks took the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

    This is the second time that they will occupy the number one position in four years. The Buffalo Sabres had the worst record in the 2020-21 NHL season. They completed the season with 37 points and 15 wins from 56 games. The top ten teams in the NHL draft order are:

    • Buffalo Sabres
    • Anaheim Ducks
    • Seattle Kraken
    • New Jersey Devils
    • Columbus Blue Jackets
    • Detroit Red Wings
    • San Jose Sharks
    • Los Angeles Kings
    • Vancouver Canucks
    • Ottawa Senators

    The Arizona Coyotes were absent from this year’s draft because They violated NHL’s combine testing protocols last summer. Their absence was an advantage for other teams.

    Top Players for the 2021 NHL Draft

    Matthew Beniers

    • Date of birth: November 5th, 2002
    • Height: 6 foot and 1 inch
    • Weight: 174 pounds
    • Position: C
    • Team: Michigan Wolverines
    • Shooting arm/angle: left

    Matthew Beniers is a player that has amazing prospects. He played well for the University of Michigan. He has done enough over anyone else to be a favorite. His versatility will help any team he joins. This youngster has top-notch defensive and attacking skills.

    His goal-scoring ability, proper positioning, and mobility make him dangerous at any moment. Matthew Beniers came quite close to matching Toews’s performance. Other things being equal, he will have a perfect chance in this draft.

    Corson Ceulemans

    • Date of birth: May 5th, 2003
    • Height: 6 foot and 2 inches
    • Weight: 196 pounds
    • Position: Defense
    • Team: Brooks Bandits

    It is quite common for people to look down on the Canadian junior A hockey leagues. Corson Ceulemans comes from this kind of background. He was instrumental when the Bandits won a league title in 2018/2019.

    Corson is talented and motivated. He delivers great attacking prospects. He can pick up the puck from any point and create goal scoring opportunities. His defensive play is not that good.

    Simon Edvinsson

    •  Team: Frolunda HC
    • Date of birth: February 5th, 2002
    • Height: 6 foot and five inches
    • Weight: 203 pounds
    • Position: Defense

    Simon Edvinsson has good thinking skills and offensive capability. He spent last season with both the Frolunda J20 team and the Frolunda HC J18 team. He was also featured in the Under-17 World Hockey Championship with Sweden.

    In the competition, he earned five points. Managers will be eyeing him because of his skating technique and size. If he finishes the season well, he might have a chance in the draft.

    Dylan Guenther

    • Team: Edmonton Oil Kings
    • Date of birth: April 10th, 2003.
    • Weight: 170 pounds
    • Height: six feet and 1 inch
    • Position: Right-wing and left-wing

    When Dylan is with the puck, he can be very dangerous. This player knows how to set up goal scoring chances for his teammates. He also knows how to place himself in proper positions to score. His ability in the defensive domain is also good.

    This youngster finds it easy to glide in either of the wings. He will be an attractive choice for any team and becomes a 60-point star.

    Luke Hughes

    • Team: US National Development Team Program
    • Weight: 176 pounds
    • Height: 6 foot and 2 inches
    • Position: Defense
    • Date of birth: September 9th, 2003

    Luke is the latest member of the Hughes family to burst on the scene. He is a good defender. He demonstrates a high level of control and offensive potency whenever he is with the puck.

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    Whenever he finds himself in the perfect angle, he shoots. He needs to work on his decision-making. Sometimes, he goes forward and forgets to fall back in time. Use the best hockey betting apps to get an interesting experience.


    The NHL draft gives young players a chance to display their talent and improve. Teams want to benefit from the prospects of a young star. Players drafted in the first-round draw might be able to get on the NHL roster immediately.

    Most of the other draftees will have to undergo intensive coaching to improve their game. After 18 months, their trainers would have polished them enough to shine on the big stage. Every team knows the importance of drafting players. It can produce success for the team in a short time.

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