Netflix Introduced “Screen Lock” Feature To Prevent Accidental Touches.

Netflix Introduced
Netflix Introduced "Screen Lock" Feature During Coronavirus.

Netflix is one of the most mainstream film and TV show streaming app, and is accessible over all sort of gadgets including mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and PCs. On the off chance if you watch Netflix on an Android phone, a new feature from the streaming app has launched – screen lock support. Screen lock is presently turning out for the Netflix on Android gadgets, and is accessible across most good gadgets through a server-side change. The new feature is intended to forestall incidental touches when viewing Netflix.

All users of Netflix on Android will currently have the option to see a button in the on-screen controls called ‘Screen Lock’, when viewing a film or TV show. The feature kills all on-screen controls when dynamic, leaving just a solitary catch that can be utilized to open the screen. This is a two-advance process movie flix, as you’ll need to affirm that you need to open controls during a time tap.

Netflix India Plans - Check out New Features.
Netflix India Plans – Check out New Features.

Most controls including play, stop, rewind, forward, playback speed, netf, sound and caption settings, and the playback course of events are crippled when screen lock is dynamic, however it’s as yet conceivable to zoom in and out, or use Android route fastens or motions to leave the substance. However, this can forestall all accidental contacts for most things that are very regular on handheld gadgets, given how close our fingers are to the screen at some random time.

This isn’t the first time when we’ve seen such a feature. VLC Player additionally has a similar feature screen lock choice that prevents the use of the screen when recordings are playing. Such an feature can likewise be helpful on the off chance that you have youngsters seeing shows, and this will keep inquisitive fingertips from killing the video on screen (by and large, in any event). The feature isn’t accessible on iOS for now but available for all netflix accounts including netflix india.


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