The Most Common Netflix Error Codes and How To Solve Them

Netflix Site Error
Netflix Site Error

During the past few years, the streaming wars have really started to heat up; however, the most popular streaming service among most people still remains Netflix. Netflix is a fantastic service that provides users with access to a tremendous amount of content, movies, shows and much more wanted stuff. Now, Netflix has even been producing its own TV shows and movies. At the same time, there are some instances when users might want to watch Netflix but could run into an annoying error code. How can these error codes be solved? There are several error codes to note when it comes to solving Netflix streaming issues.

Netflix Error Code 11800

This is one of the most common error codes that users might encounter when they are using Netflix. This problem usually pops up when there is an issue streaming the selected content. For example, users might be trying to spin a specific episode on their television or mobile device. Then, the content is trying to load, this error code pops up.

Usually, the error code says that there was an error trying to stream the selected content and to come back later. Or, the error code will suggest trying to stream a different item.

Is error code indicates that the information that is currently present on the streaming device is either out of date or has been corrupted. Usually, this error code can be fixed by refreshing the content. Try exiting Netflix and coming back in. Or, try disconnecting and reconnecting from the internet. This should be enough to solve this error code. If this doesn’t work, think about updating the Netflix app.

Netflix Error Code M711-1331-5059

Another common Netflix error code is M711-1331-5059. This is an error code that usually appears when users are trying to access Netflix using an internet browser. Specifically, those who are using Google Chrome to stream Netflix might encounter this error code from time to time. First, this might indicate that you are trying to use Netflix to access a link to a page that doesn’t exist any longer. For example, if you use a bookmark to access Netflix, then you might be trying to access a specific page that is not there anymore. In order to fix this, consider going directly to

Another reason why this error code might appear is that there is a compatibility with one of the browser extensions. In order to fix this issue, consider disabling browser extensions related to Netflix in order to fix this mistake. If this doesn’t work, then it might be helpful to reach out to a support service for help.

Netflix Error Code F7111-5059

This is one of the most common error codes that Netflix users might encounter. This error usually shows up when users are trying to access Netflix using a proxy or a VPN. To avoid it, you can use a reliable Netflix VPN free of charge, which will allow you to access this streaming platform from anywhere across the globe. Netflix has geographic limits on much of its content. It tracks the IP addresses of users to make sure that people trying to stream certain videos, shows, and movies are within a specific geographic area. Often, users try to use a VPN or proxy to get around this issue. Netflix has labeled certain IP addresses as coming from VPNs and proxies, allowing them to crack down on people using a VPN or proxy to get around their geographic restriction.

This error code shows up on Netflix when it tracks an IP address that indicates a VPN or a proxy user. In order to fix this error code, users have to turn off their VPN or proxy. If users still want to get around the Netflix geographic restriction, then they might have to use a different IP address from a different VPN or proxy.

Netflix Error Code AVF:11800;OS:42800;

Finally, this error code shows up when users are using the Netflix app to try to download an episode of a TV or a movie and the internet access gets disabled. The error code usually says that the title can no longer be watched online. When this happens, the downloaded file has been corrupted. Or, the title might have been moved or otherwise deleted. There is no way to fix this unless users connect to the internet.

Once users connect to the internet, they can delete the corrupted file. Then, they can download it again. They should fix the issue, allowing that to stream the title without any issues. Sometimes, Netflix updates its titles to make them easier to watch. This could cause old files to become unwatchable and they need to be re-downloaded.

Fix Netflix Errors Codes

These are only some of the most popular error codes that people might encounter during Netflix. Even though Netflix is usually a reliable streaming service, it also requires a reliable internet connection in order to work properly. Anyone who would like help solving Netflix error codes should refer to this guide and try some of these tricks in order to fix Netflix error codes if they pop-up.


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