Must See Movies for Every Car Enthusiast


Phrases like ‘must see’ and ‘greatest of all time’ can invoke the best kinds of controversy, especially regarding subjects that people are passionate about. One thing that everyone can agree on though, is whether you are cooped up at home by choice or circumstance, nothing beats a good movie. To elevate this glory one step higher, marry this movie day with a flick about cars and you will not be sorry. You have likely already spent endless hours browsing through photos of cars spanning the years, and even the globe, a movie including some of these rides can give you a front row seat to observe their performance in an exciting and unique way that only cinema can provide. In no specific order below is a well-rounded collection of both obvious and unassuming choices, so even if these suggestions are not in line with what you consider to be some of the GOAT’s do not sleep on this list.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

First up, a less obvious choice. The beautiful and complex brainchild behind this movie, Quentin Tarantino, serves up an insane number of classic cars showcased throughout this movie. You cannot help but drool over the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia that Brad Pitt’s character cruises in like the complete boss that he is. After the final credits roll visit here to keep the fandom rolling and scroll plenty of pictures and features about other Volkswagen models that are equally deserving of your love.


A top pick on almost every mob movie list ever created, but if you pay attention you will also be treated to some real vintage beauties. Henry Hill proves that chivalry is not dead when he walks across the street to beat up Karen’s neighbor, but draw your eyes away from the carnage and you will notice a gorgeous, red Chevrolet Corvette in the driveway, doesn’t get more classic than that. If you are thinking about starting or adding to your personal collection read some how-to guides to get solid tips and invaluable advice to assist you in the process.

Thelma and Louise

By now you have probably noticed, there is no rhyme or reason to this list, only the common thread of appreciation for all things beautiful and on four wheels. The Thunderbird convertible these ladies drive seals the iconic status of this movie. You would be hard pressed to spend any amount of time researching classic cars and not have a Thunderbird pop up during that search. This ride is what brings together fans of both films and cars with cult like followings.

Ford V Ferrari

Could this one be any more obvious? What to expect is right there in the title. This more recent movie needs to be a part of the conversation, and here’s why, speed and heart. Throughout this film you get an insider’s peek into building a racecar from scratch, and the trials and tribulations that come along with it. Spoiler alert: you also get to watch that underdog competitor takes down a giant. While you can visit here for an enthusiast site that can educate you on the cars themselves, this film can also offer some insight as to the drivers that have helped give them a name.

Honorable Mentions

Finally, a quick round up of some other movies that gear heads geek out on, and a sample of the cars you will see in them.

  • Roadhouse, featuring a Mercedes Benz 560SEC, and big Foot Ford F250
  • Back to the Future, featuring the unforgettable DeLorean DMC-12
  • American Graffiti, featuring a 1932 Ford 5 window Coupe and a 1951 Mercury


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