Modern Millionaires Scam or Lead Flipping Made Easy?

modern millionaire
modern millionaire

Modern Millionaires Scam or Lead Flipping Made Easy?

Modern Millionaires is an online training program that teaches how to start and grow an online lead generation agency. 

If you’ve ever thought about making money online, then you’ve heard of dozens of different methods. They all promise substantial financial rewards, but the closer you get to making money, the more issues crop up and the easier it is to give up.

What makes the Modern Millionaires system so great is that thousands of people and businesses alike use it. 

This review will explain why Modern Millionaires is not a scam, how it works, and why I believe in it 100%.

Modern Millionaires Scam – 5 points that prove it’s legit

  1. You can search and see that a significant majority of reviews for Modern Millionaires are positive. It includes reputable platforms like or There are very few that call it a waste of time. And almost all of them end up recommending another one that is a ripoff of Modern Millionaires. Hardly any of these negative reviews are coming from a real student or someone who has taken the course. 
  1. You will get access to a lively community as soon as you sign up for the course. The Facebook Group (called MM family) has more than 5.9k members. You will instantly be able to see that The Modern Millionaires is the real deal. You will get all levels of students sharing their achievements, problems, and findings. There’s so much to learn in this community. You will get a lot of ideas and inspiration from this group.
  1. There is an ever-increasing demand for lead generation specialists. You can take a look at online job boards and see so many businesses looking for growth specialists. Modern Millionaires will teach you the skill that matters. You will learn how to target potential customers and convert them into leads. 
  1. One of the most common forms of scams is the MLM scheme. The Modern Millionaires program is nothing like that. It’s an honest course teaching real-life skills. You are not made to waste your time doing meaningless stuff like getting more people to sign up. You will learn how to generate leads for real businesses. It’s as legit as it can get.
  1. Another way these courses cheat is to put together some readily available information and offer it as a course. They never update it. And they are nowhere to be found since they don’t have any online presence. The Modern Millionaires is a regularly updated course. And the coaches are available 24/7 through a Facebook group.

The Modern Millionaires Program Overview:

Modern Millionaires is a carefully crafted online course that shows how to generate leads and sell them to local businesses. 

The creators of this program, Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony have managed to put together a brief but practical course. You will only learn what matters without wasting time in the theory or false promises:

Module 1: The Foundation

The first module will give you an overview of the process. It also talks about choosing your niche. If you are finding it hard to think of a good niche, you will get a list of 100+ handpicked niches to choose from.

Module 2A: Setting Up your Agency System

Modern Millionaires is often considered a lead generation course. But that is just a tiny part of this training. The actual training is more about setting up a lead flipping system. You will learn how to set up a website and landing pages. 

Module 2B: Prospecting & Sales

The second part of the module will show how to find potential customers. These are the businesses that will be interested in sales qualified leads. Once you know your niche and target location, it’s easy to find companies that will be interested in these leads. You will get templates and tools that you can use for outreach.

Module 3A: Driving Traffic (Google Ads)

The third module shares how to get potential customers on your website. Google Ads are easily the best channel when it comes to targeted traffic. You can show your ads to people who are looking for the services. It’s much easier to convert these users into leads.

Module 3B: Driving Traffic (Facebook)

Facebook lead ads are the second best. These are not as effective as search ads, but the cost is much lower. 

Module 3C: Lead Nurturing

The third part teaches you how to build email lists and use email campaigns to convert subscribers into leads. 

Module 4: How to Create an Autopilot System that works for you

The fourth and final part gives you the tools and techniques to automate. Automation is essential because you cannot grow this into a six-figure business if you do everything yourself.

The Modern Millionaires Fee:

The Modern Millionaires training is not cheap. The complete program will cost you $6000. The DWY (done with you) program is priced at $15000. And you will have to invest in PPC campaigns too. This is a considerable investment, but the training sessions are worth every penny. They can save you years of learning the hard way and even more years of running the wrong businesses. I wish someone had given me a list of +100 hottest niches, as they do in Module 2, or a funnel model to capture leads used by professional digital marketers with a long history of success, as you learn in Module 4. 

Oh, and there’s an installment plan available, so you don’t have to pay the $6000 upfront.

Another great thing about this program is that, unlike other courses, these guys teach you how to provide a service that people will “flock” to. 

That’s right. You don’t need any past entrepreneurial experience to make this work for you. And this is one of the most attractive aspects of starting an online business.

Abdul and Chance – The Minds Behind The Program

The founders of Modern Millionaires (Abdul & Chance) have spent years in the online business world. They know the mentality that businesses need to seek out and partner with passionate people about lead generation.

The best part? They didn’t care about the money when creating the course. They already had two top-notch digital marketing agencies making thousands of dollars a year on autopilot for them. 

They were driven by the desire to change the world through business. As such, they set out to create an organization that would provide anyone with simple and easy ways to achieve financial freedom. Today, Modern Millionaires provide over 50,000 participants with the tools they need to reach their goals.

Is the Modern Millionaires Course for you?

The best person to answer this question is nobody but you. It is already mentioned that the course is not cheap. It would be best if you were sure before stepping in. It is a lot of work too, but the rewards are worth it. You need to be fully committed since there’s a lot of learning involved. Do not expect to get a quick fix or magic formula. 

You must have a good understanding of online business. The course is not very technical, but you will find it hard to cope if you are not good at the basics. 

How to join?

You cannot simply go to their website and buy the course. They have an onboarding process to ensure that they accept the ones who can benefit from the system. You can go to the website and submit a request. They will get back and set up a call. If you sound like a good fit, they will share the procedure. 

Wrap Up: Why I Won’t Use Any Other Marketing System

There are many reasons (among them, high-quality coaching, mentorship, networking opportunities, and the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the world) that I’ve found the Modern Millionaires program to be an inspiring and life-changing journey. 

But it all comes down to this: 

I’ve gotten a leg up on the race for income, saving, and investment.

I’ve been able to set my own rules and stick with them. 

I haven’t had to follow the crowd or listen to the yells of experts. 

I have the freedom to build my path without being told what to do by others. 

I’m making a lot of money, and I have an easily scalable business that will give me even more in the future.

If you think you can sit back, do nothing, and watch your bank balance grow, then I’ve got bad news for you: I don’t think that’s going to happen. 

But if you’re ready to put in some hard work, and learn an excellent way to generate leads, then Modern Millionaires is the best course you’ll find out there.


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