Microsoft Team vs Slack: Slack Launches a New Design For Million Users.

Slack New Update For New Users.
Slack New Update For New Users.

Slack has just launched a massive redesign, in fact it’s even bigger since 2013. The Slack released a redesign that has come at the time of quarantine. When offices and firms around the clock are working from home due to social plague – coronavirus. Slack’s redesign has released and it has started rolling out on all devices for the users and the redesign will reach to all of us in the coming weeks. The organisation has also planned to roll the redesign for slack mobile app which might arrive later.

Slack App has decided for a very simpler and customised design this time. The slack update has given a new navigation bar on top of the app which makes it easier for all of us to search in between any recent conversations. Added, we have a new composed button which has been added on top for users to do conversations and send messages to various people & channels. People can also save all their messages as drafts.

Slack New Update: Microsoft Teams vs Slack
Slack New Update: Microsoft Teams vs Slack

Microsoft Teams vs Slack: The New Slack Update

Slack has added some more changes & updates to the side section of the app. Changes like mentions on groups, reactions to all messages, files-folders, people & apps. Another feature that’s quite exclusive only to paid users on Slack App is customizing their own channels. Slack can easily have tons of channels which can often lead to huge confusion. World can now arrange such channels & club them according to their need & requirements.

A new shortcut tool as the form of a lightning bolt icon is visible right next to the message input bar. People can easily tap on the icon & access work things like cisco webex meetings desktop app directly right from Slack. More of such apps will be added to this shortcut menu very soon.

Slack hasn’t revealed yet the release date for the new slack mobile app version. Although users can expect a filled up side and bottom bar with the DMs, mention buttons and homepage.


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