Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5: Your choice for Fitness Tracker

Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 Comparison: Check out the best fitness tracker for you.
Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 Comparison: Check out the best fitness tracker for you.

When it come to fitness trackers, there very few brands that we think of or trust. Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 is one of the most popular and likeable fitness trackers in India currently. The popular tracker band is packed with plenty of features and works great for tracking daily basis activity such as walk in the park or calories burnt. Adding newest in the market, the Mi Band 4 sports new features. Another popular fitness tracker in the Indian market emerged out to be is the Honor Band 5. Sporting the cleanest feature and offering exactly what you need.

The Design and Look for both impresses easy.
The Design and Look for both impresses easy.

With both trackers offering salient and impressive features that you can’t ignore. It’s only fair to put them against each other.

Design and The Fit

Mi Band 4 has design like that of its predecessor. With the round design and panel sitting lengthways along the wrist, the Mi Band 4 is light and comfortable. One can easily change the panels to make it more colourful and trendier to wear. On the contrary, Honor Band 5 has a rectangular design.

Both the bands sport TPU elastic bands, the locking mechanism for each is different. Xiaomi Band 4 has more like pin-and-tuck approach, the Honor Band 5 has tradition watch like approach which makes it unique.

The App

Both Apps has one or the other “for use” feature in the App. But Huawei Health app is probably one of the cleanest between two, all thanks to the UI. Huawei Health app is easy to use and stands out to offer exactly what you need. On other hand, the best part for the Mi Fit app is heart rate graph. On whole, Huawei Health app does a great job of covering a little bit of everything.

The Battery Backup

Mi Band battery backup is stronger in contrast to Honor Band 5 and easily last up to 20 days on a single charge. Unfortunately, Honor Band 5 hasn’t made any upgrades and carries the same battery size. If you enable the major features like sleep tracking or heart rate monitoring, the battery life dies within 10-15 days.

Display and Touchscreen

Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5, both display colours that are bright, punchy, and which enhances the looks of both. With Mi Band 4, you can tune down the screen brightness according to your need and doesn’t let you face any issues related to the display or Sunlight. The Band 5’s display offers easy to read support even its harsh sunlight or to the brightness tune downed to the lowest levels.

For the device’s responsiveness, we found the touch sensitivity of Honor 5 to bit more responsive. Mi Band 4 felt like skipping registering touch input and some days had to multiple time tap in order to select an option.

Tracking and Other Features

With the basic features that are common to all fitness bands, Mi Band 4 packs a new activity sensor capable of identifying workout modes. Not just that, it identifies and can differentiate between different swimming styles. Band 5 for Honor comes with improved sensors for activity tracking and heart rate monitoring.

The Mi Band only comes to action only during the night, while the Honor Band 5 can track your sleep at any time of the day. You can buy Honor 5 and Mi Band 4, here.

The Verdict

When it comes to results and standing out , both bands provide almost accurate results in all areas. But if you want more detailed stats, the Band 5 is the clear winner here.
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