Beginner’s Guide on Makeup Tools – Brushes & Sponges


After spending some time with her make-up regime, she positioned herself in front of the mirror and noticed that there was something missing on her flawless skin. While in the process to figure it out, she drew her attention towards the cosmetics and its tools. She wondered how makeup made everyone stand in front of the silver mirror bureau. The complexion created by the foundations, the cherry dye mixed lip contrast colours, the black Kohl which is used to draw a straight line under eye waterline, the contour-used to create a perfect jaw line and many unbelievable products created just to magnify the beauty that already exists. After admiring the cosmetics, she finally realised it was her makeup brushes and tools which were not polishing her skin with perfect finishing. It is important to use perfect brushes and sponges to double the glow and confidence in your looks. The tools are the key source to make our face perfectly made-up, so buy the products by using Sephora UAE coupon codes & get amazing discounts on your favourite products.

There are different makeup brushes and sponges for every step to enhance the appearances. Here are some beauty basic makeup tool essentials for the beginners to use.

Types of Makeup Brushes:

For the record there are around 18 types of cosmetic brushes, but for the beginners it is suggested to use the most important 10 brushes which will make wonders under the process of defining our face. Each brush has a different method, process & purpose of using in your daily routine.

  • Foundation Brush:

This brush is used to facilitate a smooth application of a perfect toned foundation on the skin. Using a high-quality brush allows a foundation to blend properly onto the skin. If it is low quality brush or wrong brush then it makes your skin to look washed over and many cracks.

Tip: Use a tapered synthetic fibre brush as it provides perfect pressure, cover the pores, crevices and lines while applying foundation.

  • Concealer Brush:

This brush is used to cover the spots to make the cosmetic look as natural as possible. Always be careful while patting the product on to the conceal area and never blend it out while using the concealer brush.

Tip: Use a flat bristle and pointed tip brush.

  • Angled Blush Brush:

The name itself suggests that you should use an angled shape brush which helps to dust the product on your cheeks and enables a precise application for a smooth look.

Tip: Pick a brush which is dense and is great with both cream and powder bronzers.

  • Powder Brush:

It is used to dust your face with loose or compact powder and gives an extra touch to your makeup.

Tip: Use an arched powder brush, it will spread evenly and give you an aesthetically gorgeous look.

  • Stippling Brush:

This brush you can use after the base to get an airbrushed look. It enables to blend onto the skin smoothly.

Tip: Use an ethereal and feathery base brush.

  • Contour Brush:

This is the most important part in makeup, where you cannot contour without a brush. This is used to design the target areas to contour & shape.

Tip: Use a firm bristle blush brush with an angled tip.

  •  Lip Brush:

Lip brushes are crucial when it comes to define your perfect shape of the lips with the most attractive colours.

Tip: Buy a perfect go retractable lip brush by using Faces coupon codes to get perfect bristle lip makeup brushes.

  • Highlight Fan Brush:

It is used to dust the cheek bones slightly and other areas to highlight the face.

Tip: Use a bristle in a fan brush and use the product with a light hand.

  • Eyeliner Brush:

We opt this brush to get a designed line like winged-eyes, cat eyes, swan eyes, etc. It is a thin fail-proof brush designed to reach the level of perfection with required amount of usage.

Tip: Get an eyeliner brush which has a perfect length and density of the bristles to be used for both liquid, gel and cream Kohl.

  • Eyeshadow Brush:

It helps to apply eyeshadow for both cream or powder in a smooth and precise manner on to your eyelids.

Tip: Choose a good eyeshadow brush which will pick a decent amount of the product.

Types of Sponges or Beauty Blenders:

There are 5 different sponges or beauty blenders which is important to get a perfect look or it might lead to flawed makeup like creating unwanted lines, no natural look, etc. Here are some must have blenders for everyone.

  • Beauty blender makeup sponge:

It is used to apply and blend the cream or liquid foundation onto the face like concealers, serums, etc to get an extra smooth finish. It is famous for its sphere shape that leads to perfection.

Tip: Before Using wet the sponge and squeeze excess of water.

  • Wedge-Shaped Sponge:

This is designed with flat edges and bottoms that allows to reach every point of the face like near the nose, eyebrows, under the eye, etc. It is also used for multiple purposes like moisturising, contouring, and many more.

Tip: It can be used dry or wet and make simple tap motions near the darn places.

  • Pretty Puff sponge:

The pretty puff makeup sponge has a unique rounded teardrop design to give an airbrush finish. This is a fancy hydrophilic foam which leads the makeup go directly on your face and not into the sponge. You can get this product by using Golden Scent discount codes in a very attractive price.

Tip: Use this blender to make your makeup last long.

  • Silicon Sponge:

Silicon provides a greater advantage because it does not absorb a single ounce of the coveted products. It is not porous like a beauty blender and can be used only for liquid makeup products.

Tip: Use a non-absorbing blender so that you can save from overusing the cosmetics.

  • Microfibre Sponge:

It is a smooth velvet sponge which can be used for powder applications. The dense fibres lead to full coverage powder application. It can also be used to apply blush or bronzer.

Tip: Use this sponge especially under your eyes to power which will give a natural look.

There you go with various brushes and blenders to use for your flawless makeup routine. Make your skin breathe under the top beauty cosmetics and usage of its tools. Make sure to wash your brushes and blenders properly while reusing, as it might irritate your skin. Choose the best tool for your face and feel like a diva. I believe all women are beautiful — but with right makeup and tools can be pretty powerful.


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