Everything You Need to Know About Making Videos Online

make videos online
make videos online

No marketing campaign can be successful without at least some video content. Of course, you still need some compelling articles and slogans to go with your videos. Either way, online videos are a great signpost to bring people to your website from social media and even direct email. There are a few things you should know though before you get started with your free video maker such as this one

Things to Bear in Mind before Working with a Free Video Maker 

The great news is that you don’t need any technical skills and you’ll have quality videos within minutes with a free video maker. Having said that, some video editing tools are easier than others with different response rates when you click a button. Nevertheless, it all starts with a plan and then the following key points:

  • Know your goals 
  • Plan your content
  • Choose your free video maker
  • Pick a template and style
  • Add frames
  • Include music tracks 
  • Do simple video editing 
  • Save and download 
  • Leverage social media 

Know your Goals 

The main questions you should be asking yourself are who you’re targeting with your online video and what you want from them. Do you want them to sign up to your social media page or simply start using your product? Whatever it is, you can then search for the right templates to support that goal. Once you have your video template, the video editor is then easy to use to customize accordingly. 

Plan your Content

By combining the right images with music and a powerful tagline, you’re essentially trying to engage with people’s emotions. Are you offering a dream or a solution? Plan your content around this when you make a video and you’ll soon create stunning videos that people won’t want to miss. 

Choose your Free Video Maker

It’s worth noting that many video maker tools advertise themselves as free. However, once you’ve customized your template and you’re ready to download your video, suddenly you have to choose a pricing plan. It’s therefore worth reading the small print and checking the cancellation policies before you get started. Furthermore, they generally have different libraries of audio and templates to choose from so you might want to browse the software first. Regardless, all stock is rights reserved so you don’t have to worry about copyright.

Pick a Template and Style

This is the fun stuff when you make a video. There are quite literally millions of templates with royalty-free music to choose from so you’re bound to find something that works for your business. Have fun searching according to keyword or business type and check out what comes out. It’s then very easy to do some video editing to include your tagline and style. For instance, do you want the images to fade in and out, or perhaps you want borders and effects around the screen? Either way, you’ll have quality videos to post and share online.  

Add Frames

Some video editor tools allow you to include extra frames or images into your overall clips. It’s very easy to drag and drop images of flowers growing into full bloom, for example. This feature can be great to truly customize and make videos that match your message. Again, have a browse of the different online video maker tools out there and check out the different approaches before you make your first video.

Include Music Tracks 

Many people view their online videos without sound. Having said that, music can give that extra boost to the mood you’re trying to create when you make a video. Depending on how much music means to you though, you might want to include your own tracks of course. That’s equally easy to do with an online video maker tool. 

Do Simple Video Editing 

You’re not trying to be a professional video maker with your online tool. On the contrary, your goal is to get your video out there so that people can get to know you and your brand better. Therefore, simple is always best. So, when it comes to video editing, it’s often wise to just focus on trimming as well as amending the headings. Of course, if you’re comfortable with the more complex video editing options then you might want to include more advanced features. Although, make sure this enhances your message rather than obscures it.

Save and Download your Video 

As you search video maker tools, you’ll soon realize that they don’t all work with the same media formats. It’s also worth noting that different social media platforms work best with different sizes so make sure you check that part of your online video hasn’t been cut. Most of the time, you can easily fix the sizing with your video editor but you should check the available video formats before you get started to create videos.

Leverage Social Media 

Making videos online is about posting on social media. That’s where you’ll have the most impact, whether it’s on Facebook or YouTube, or any other platform. For this reason, there are some video maker tools that are specifically designed and linked to social media platforms. You can therefore directly download it onto your channel. Of course, you might still prefer to save your online videos and keep them for reference. 

Parting Words on Making Videos Online 

The main takeaway when wanting to create a video is to plan what you’re trying to achieve with it. Then again, don’t overthink it and many fall into the trap of trying to be overly perfect. This is about getting your brand and your message out there. Moreover, thanks to just how easy it is to use a video editor, you can make unlimited videos. In fact, why not build a whole campaign around multiple videos? People will only remember how awesome your brand is.  


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