Lockdown Curation: 10 Easy & Tasty Maggi Recipes To Cook During Lockdown.

Easy Maggi Recipes To Cook During Lockdown.
Easy Maggi Recipes To Cook During Lockdown.

Our very own favorite 2-minute noodles (it’s never prepared in a short time however) have been a hero for almost all of us and have quieted our cravings for food. Particularly for the ones who faces problem with regards to cooking. In any case, since India is under a total lockdown till April 14, for to what extent would you be able to continue eating these noodles in a similar exhausting manner? No, we are not grumbling about the taste. In any case, after a state of time, taste buds do request a type of assortment, isn’t that so?

Here’s Top 10 Maggi Recipes that you can have a go at during the coronavirus lockdown

1. The Tasty Maggi Bhel

Maggi Bhel | Maggi Bhel recipe | Quick and Easy Maggi Bhel Recipe ...

Look at this, Maggi variation for your consistent crunching also – Maggi Bhel. What’s more, must we include, it is overly simple to get ready. Take a maggi cake, break into little pieces. In a pan, include some oil and roast the noodles until they turn brilliant darker in shading.

Add next, finely chopped onions, tomatoes and green chillies. Include the cooked Maggi, tomato ketchup, tastemaker, salt and imli chutney (or some other sauce of your decision). Blend well and your Maggi Bhel is prepared.

2. Maggi Pakoda

Maggi Pakora 5 Min recipe, Maggi recipe - Something's Cooking with ...

For the late night munching, when you hungry for lavish pakoras, here is a remarkable formula you should give it a shot.

Take some gram flour in a bowl. Include water, salt and red chilli. Blend well and let it rest for 10 minutes. Presently, add cooked Maggi to the player. Meanwhile, heat oil in a wok to deep fry the pakodas. Take a little ball-sized blend and drop it in oil. Mix once in a while and cook until it turns fresh and brilliant dark colored.

3. Tadka Maggi

Maggi Veg Tadka Recipe | वेज मैगी मसाला की ...

A desi-style tadka of onion, tomatoes and green chillies is all you have to add to your standard Maggi noodles. Here’s how to make a tadka maggi:

Put some oil in the container and heat it. Add finely chopped onions and green chilli. When the onions turn dark colored in shading, include chopped tomatoes. Saute until tomatoes are delicate. You can likewise a bunch of peas. Presently, include water in a similar pan and cook the Maggi in the standard way. (Boil water, include noodles and sprinkle the tastemaker). Remember to sprinkle some salt and red bean stew powder.

4. Spicy Cheese Garlic Maggi

Cheesy maggi Recipe by Nikita Kathuria - Cookpad India

Here is another super-simple approach to transform your favourite Maggi into a new delicacy. Heat butter in a pan and to the pan add garlic. Include water and let it boil. Next, include Maggi noodles, the tastemaker, chilli, and oregano. When the water boils, include cheddar and blend well.

5. 3 Min Easy Chilla Maggi

3 Min Veg Maggi Cheela Recipe ~ Healthy Kadai

This one is the ideal breakfast. Prepare batter with besan, water, salt and red bean stew. You may likewise include some slashed vegetables. Blend the batter well and ensure it has a thick yet flowy consistency. Let it rest for 10 minutes. Presently, add cooked Maggi to it and blend well. Warmth oil on a level dish (tawaa).Put the player and spread it in a delicate way. Cook on medium fire until the two sides are fresh. Relish hot with ketchup.

6. Cheese Maggi Sanwich

Give your standard sandwiches a rest. Change the regular veggies with much cooked Maggi, and toast the bread cuts. To make it more delectable, include a cheddar cheese between the bread cuts. Be that as it may, ensure the Maggi isn’t soupy. The bread cuts will get wet in any case.

7. Mushroom Maggi

Stir Fried Maggi | Street style Maggi | Mushroom Maggi | PotLuck ...

This one surely give you a taste of restaurant. Also, the best part is, it is excessively simple to get ready.

Heat your favorite butter in the pan. Include chopped garlic and onions. Saute for 2 minutes and afterward include daintily cut mushrooms. Sprinkle some salt, dark pepper and oregano. Presently, include cream and cheddar. Mix well. Add cooked Maggi to it and blend well.

8. Maggi with Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji MAGGI Noodles | How to Make Egg Bhurji MAGGI Noodles ...

This one is very simple. You simply need to cook egg bhurji and Maggi, and afterward blend the two. To get ready egg bhurji, heat oil in pan and include chopped onions and green chillies. Add now, include 2 eggs and blend well. Include salt and red chillis according to your taste. Blend the cooked Maggi with bhurji in the pan. Presto, a yummy variation of Maggi noodles is prepared.

You can make this with mixed paneer to make Paneer Bhurji Maggi.

9. Oregano Maggi

This one is the simplest to make. You just have to simply add packet of oregano to make your Maggi increasingly flavorsome.

10. Schezwan Maggi

Schezwan Noodles

To tempt your taste buds with a hot and zesty cuppa of Maggi, you should really try this. Heat oil in a pan and include chopped ginger, garlic and green chilli. Then add, cut onions and capsicum. Saute for around 2 minutes. Include tomato ketchup and schezwan sauce. Include salt according to your taste. Then add, include cooked Maggi and blend well.

Do let us know your cooking experience with these dishes.

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