You Might Be Falling For a Ghost When Looking For Love on a Dating App

love on dating app
love on dating app

Surprisingly, many people imagine a lot about love before they even look for a perfect partner. According to experts, much of falling in love occurs in the mind. This becomes pronounced when you download a dating app to try to find a match for yourself.

Experts call this falling for a ghost, or a person who does not exist, and this could be dangerous especially when you take a long time to find a perfect match or match with the wrong person. But how can you know if you are already falling for a ghost? The insights below shed more light on the subject.

You Are Dreaming a Lot

You will always have a dream space when looking for a date online. The apps give you an opportunity to fantasize about what you can find when things go well. When you log in to the apps, you imagine meeting an attractive and perfect woman or man of your dreams.

From here on, the dream space gets very active. If you have been fantasizing a lot, then there could be a problem, and you might be falling for a ghost. If the dream becomes too consuming, this might affect you psychologically. This is why you should take control of the situation and become more realistic.

Everyone Else Does Not Matter

You are likely to meet many people on a dating app. This is true to an even greater extent when you are using popular apps like the one you get when you browse around here. Once you create a user profile, you are likely to get numerous requests every day. But if no one else matters apart from your dream partner, then you might be falling for a ghost.

Sometimes, it is crucial to listen to others who are interested in you even if they do not meet all of the qualities of your dream partner. But if you shut out their attempts and only focus on your dream partner, whom you have not yet met, a ghost could be filling your mind with false hopes.

You Are Hooked on a Dating App

There is nothing wrong with spending your free time online. But if you spend excessive amounts of time looking for love on a dating app, then your mind has become obsessed. People who become too aggressive in pursuing a perfect partner might get addicted to dating apps because it is all in their minds. The ghost they are falling for is driving them crazy, and nothing else matters.

As mentioned, this might escalate to something bigger if it is not controlled. The longer you go without meeting the person, the deeper your attachment to the ghost becomes. It might lead to depression or emotional trauma unless you kick the ghost out of your mind, sober up, and start being more realistic. After all, it is not guaranteed that you will meet a perfect partner on a dating app.


These three signs strongly suggest that you are dating a ghost while looking for love online. It is an indication that you have already created your perfect partner in your mind and that everything revolves around them. Now that you know, it is time to make the right choice.


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