How To Learn Software Development Without A CS Degree

software development
software development

There are several important steps to learn and master custom software development, even without a computer science (CS) degree. Traditionally, learning software programming requires you to complete a four-year formal college degree program in order to gain the required skills, practice, and expertise. However, there are an abundance of new innovative educational materials, approaches, and strategies to help you master development on your own. If you are looking to become a custom developer in 2021, it is important to learn these required skills early-on. This way, you can challenge yourself with a constant learning curve and work in a diverse, changing work environment. Of course, this will allow you to find positions with a high rate of pay, valuable benefits, and the potential for continuous growth. In this post, we will discuss how to learn software development without a CS degree. 

Work With A Mentor

First and foremost, you can consider working with a programming mentor. In order to find a trustworthy mentor, attend some in-person programming seminars, events, and workshops. Even if you do not live in a major metropolitan area, there is still a good chance you are nearby an active software development community. Participating in these events, you can meet new people, learn about the industry, and potentially find your mentor. At the same time, actively participate in online communities in order to immerse yourself into the online programming world. Of course, this is important to help you find constant inspiration, learn new things, and challenge yourself. Certainly, working with a mentor is an excellent resource to help you learn software development without a degree. 

Take An Online Programming Course

In addition, many current software developers got started off by taking an online course in programming. There are plenty of courses online to help you learn the basic concepts, programming techniques, and fundamentals about software development. Once you have learned the basics, you can take an advanced DevOps course to learn about automated builds, deployments, and processes. Learning these core concepts, you can master data integrity, SDLC control, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) operations. This way, you can minimize the learning curve, improve your career prospects, and expand your earning potential. Of course, this is important to help you develop problem-solving, attention to detail, and time management skills. Surely, taking an online programming course will teach you the required skills, basics, and build techniques for custom software development. 

Read Some Software Development Books 

Next, you may even want to consider reading some popular software development books. You can probably find a good programming eBooks on open-source communities, social media, or eCommerce platforms. Of course, you can always find hard copy works at your local library or bookstore. Within these, you should be able to learn about virtually any software development language or framework that you are attempting to master. Simultaneously, you should be able to learn about advanced programming concepts, such as data structures, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and operating systems. After all, these are some of the top skills to learn in 2021 for prospective software engineers.  Indeed, reading some software development books is a great way to learn the fundamentals and kickstart your career. 

Play Some Interactive Tutorials & Games

Similarly, check out some programming games and interactive tutorials. The best programming games and tutorials break down complex software development concepts into small, manageable chunks. This way, you can enhance your coding skills, and have fun while learning. Of course, this is a great way to get your feet wet in custom computing. In fact, many interactive solutions are not very time-consuming either. Certainly, this will help you quickly build your skills even if you only have an hour of free time a day. Absolutely, there are plenty of interactive games and tutorials to help you master custom software development. 

Watch Some Software Development Videos

Of course, you can also watch and analyze some popular software development videos. In many cases, it is easier just to watch someone else teach you how it is done. More so, you can find all sorts of instructional, educational content on the internet nowadays. For example, consider watching some programming interviews, troubleshooting seminars, or coding marathons. Simultaneously, you may want to watch some popular software development podcasts to help you learn more about the industry and build new skills. Definitely, watching some popular software development videos is a great way to learn the required programming skills. 

There are several important steps to learn custom software programming in 2021. First off, work with a programming mentor to learn the required skills, methods, and build techniques. Next, consider taking a specialized online course in software development. In addition, read popular software development books to learn skills from industry experts. Similarly, play some interactive games and tutorials for programming. Of course, consider watching some popular software development videos to strengthen your current capabilities. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how to learn software development without a CS degree.


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