Are Lab Grown Diamonds The Future? – The Success of Loose Grown Diamonds Proves It Right.

Lab Grown Diamonds are Affordable.
Lab Grown Diamonds are Affordable.

In some recent years, you may have heard the terms “Lab Grown diamonds” or “Lab Created diamonds” or CVD Diamonds while you were jewelry shopping. While Lab Grown diamonds are different from natural diamonds in some ways, they are still genuine gemstones. More than anything, Lab Grown diamonds are the future of the jewelry world.

In jewelry stores or worn by family members or friends, Lab Grown diamonds are more famous and widespread now than any other time. You may have come across Lab Grown diamond jewelry before and may not even have realized. Before you strike off the idea of a Lab Grown diamond or may start judging it as fake diamonds, let me clear away the most common misconception about it.

Lab Grown diamonds are not “fake”.

Yes, these diamonds are grown in labs and not formed naturally in the Earth’s crust unlike the real natural diamonds. These Lab Grown diamonds display the exact same chemical, optical, and physical detailing as mined diamonds. For many of you who do not know, a Lab Grown diamond will show you positive results when tested with a diamond test detector. Lab Grown diamonds are made using extreme pressure & heat inside a machine rather than the bowels of the Earth.

Loose Grown Diamond

While our mined and lab grown diamonds share many similar qualities, the only jarring (and good) difference between the two is their cost, Yes! The Pricing. Lab Grown diamonds are very cheap than the naturally grown diamonds, but they will never compromise on quality or value in any way. Setting the example straight and delivering the best quality lab grown diamonds globally, are Loose Grown Diamonds.

Loose Grown Diamond, NYC– The History, Vision & Mission

Loose Grown Diamond are subsidiary to RRP Diamonds, a company that got established in 2003 has not looked back. Loose Grown Diamond are the New York, United States based manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of Lab created Diamonds. A company aiming towards saving the earth believes in providing high quality lab made certified diamonds at the most affordable rate. 100% IGI & GCAL Certified Lab Created Diamonds

After celebrating the success of turning a family business of diamond manufacturing unit into a successful ecommerce store, Hitesh Patel & Prashant, the duo behind the success of the two companies started thinking for the next step. The heirs to the 55-year-old family business invested all their efforts to upscale their revenues by managing their Italy’s natural diamond manufacturing unit & recently established B2B Platform called, RRP Diamond. It was when they started receiving queries on Lab Grown diamonds by their customers. They realized that lab made diamonds are getting more popular and in-demand by their customers due to their affordable pricing in comparison to the mined diamonds and being eco-friendly to nature.

Without wasting much time and fascinated on how the market for Lab Grown diamonds is expanding rapidly, Hitesh tried his hands on Lab-made diamonds. In no time, it was very for me to realize that these diamonds are of the same quality yet cheaper than the naturally mined. 

(Loose Grown Diamond are New York, United States based manufacturer, Wholesaler & exporter of Lab Grown Diamond. Offering best in Class Quality of Lab made diamonds in best price)

It is believed that one can tailor every single aspect of the diamond they like to their personal preference, from the material they want, the quality, and yes, the price. If you’ve no idea what each of these entails, it is perfectly fine because you know when you visit any store you will have a dedicated sales consultant to guide you along and offer the best advice to help you make an informed choice.  

With these basic building questions, the possibilities are virtually endless — you can play with different choices of your favorite diamond. To ease you out and offer you all best possible options with the certificate of quality, Loose Grown Diamond is your best option! They are a certified lab grown diamond wholesaler. Offering a wide range of diamond varieties from Lab Grown Diamonds, HPHT Diamonds, CVD Diamonds, Synthetic Diamonds, Eco-Friendly Diamonds & Fancy Shape Diamonds. 

They also deal in IGI Certified Lab Grown Diamonds, IGI Certified HPHT Diamonds, Melee HPHT Diamonds, Custom and Order based diamonds and if you wish to, they have a wide variety of diamond jewelry to choose from. The success mantra throughout the journey so far has been the competitive and affordable pricing yet the best quality promised without fail.

The business for Loose Grown Diamonds has been running successfully from the past 16 years. Back in 2018, Hitesh established a manufacturing unit dedicated just for the man-made diamonds. With the success in his first time, he established an ecommerce store for this venture too. He mentioned that since the establishment uptil now, the company has served around 200+ customers globally giving a million-dollar revenue.

Lab Grown Diamond Are the Rapidly Growing Trend in The Industry

Lab Grown diamonds have gained enough popularity and attention to become the future of the diamond industry. While now that they are so more common, you may ask yourself why Lab Grown Diamond Are the Rapidly Growing Trend in The Industry. 

Lab Grown diamonds are the future as we may eventually run out of all organic options. Natural mined diamonds take millions of years through natural processes. As a result, we may soon see the depletion of the natural diamond on earth. As it is well known that the demand for diamonds and jewelry will keep increasing, thus more diamonds must be mined to fulfill the demand. From pieces for formal occasions to meaningful engagement rings, diamonds should be forever.

Loose Grown Diamond’s practice of creating diamonds in their lab is environment friendly and is made with the same chemical and physical properties present in any natural mined diamonds. Loose Grown Diamond measures the same traits in their lab made diamond as they do with other diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat.

On top of all the perks that the new technology offers, lab grown diamonds are still unique. Loose Gown Diamond is not asking you to sacrifice your high-quality or unique pieces by choosing Lab Grown gemstones. Instead, the company promotes conflict-free processes and diamonds that are better for the environment. 

Another important effect to their thrilling growth of lab grown diamonds is their popularity among millennials. Young diamond-buyers are drawn to Lab Grown diamonds because of their affordable pricing, transparency and for environmental reasons. The growth for lab diamonds is expected to continue as more and more jewelers start to sell lab diamonds and more labs are launched.

How Does the Road Ahead Look Like for Loose Grown Diamond?

Loose Grown Diamond aims for global success with more 3000+ new customers. Visions to increase the revenue and reach out to everyone possible who ever thought the buying best quality diamond is heavy on their pocket

Well, you must step into the future and get your lab diamond jewelry today. When you are ready to get the same look of mined diamonds with the benefits of lab-grown, shop with Loose Grown Diamond. Browse their Diamonds assortment of lab created diamond jewelry to see the future of diamonds.


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