Iphone 12 Display & Camera Details Confirmed. 2020 Iphone Price In India To be Revealed Soon.

Apple iPhone 12 To Launch In India Soon.
Apple iPhone 12 To Launch In India Soon.

The Launch for the Next Gen Iphone is still months away but we can witness news & leaks every now and then. There are lot of rumors regarding the launch date of apple iphone12, 2020 iphone price in India but still it can be hoped that it will be launched in the later part of 2020. But it will have refreshed design with a completely changed look as per the latest report.

This time the display of the iphone will come without a notch , that is, a notch-less display and it is confirmed by Meizu’s president Li nan. The notch was first used by the apple in iphone X and continued in two more generations. Moreover, apple iphone 12 will have a bigger screen size that will range between 5.4inch and 6.7 inch.

Apple Iphone 12 Display Details - To Get 6.7 Inch Display
Apple Iphone 12 Display Details – To Get 6.7 Inch Display

Another most important news regarding apple iphone 12 is that it will support 5g connectivity. It will be the first phone by apple which will have 5G connectivity so all the apple phone lovers are eagerly waiting for it. However, there has not been any confirmed news about the next gen 2020 iphone price in India.

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The camera in iphone 12 will also be improved by apple by using latest technology. According to apple analyst Ming chi Kuo ,that apple iphone 12 will contain larger camera sensor along with a sensor shift stabililization. The sensor shift stabililization is a latest technology upon which we don’t have any knowledge but it can be said that it will bring image stabilization to the lens present on the iphone.

Iphone 12 To Have Unique Camera Feature
Iphone 12 To Have Unique Camera Feature

From the news surfaced online we get to know that there will be 5.4 inch phone with dual lens camera, 6.1 inch phone with a triple sensor camera and 6.7 inch phone with a triple sensor camera. As per Kuo 2020, iphone12 models will come with periscope lens which will make the iphone 12 more efficient to capture more detailed natural looking image.The 6.7 inch iphone12 will have a 7p lens and 1/1.9 inch sensor, 6.1 inch phone will have a ½.6-inch 7 p lens . 

The new image stabilization technology is expected to be only available in the iphone12 with 6.7 inch display in the year 2020 which will help it to handle movement and vibrations in a similar way  as to how optical image stabilization allows a camera’s lenses to move  and the rest model of iphone 12 will have current generation stabilization technology that is, technology available on iphone 11 pro, which help in optical image stabilization for photo and video while using wide or telescope lenses.


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