Signs My House Has Moisture Problems


Household problems are really unfortunate, especially to the untrained eye. What you want is for an issue to be prevented from causing more serious damages. The more the damage your property gets, the higher the cost that you have to spend, and no one wants that. 

Moisture problems can be easily stopped since there are a lot of signs that could manifest with it. All you need to do is know those signs and to take action as soon as possible. If you have been seeing any of these symptoms around the house, it’s time to call vochtbestrijd snel – behandelen vochtproblemen

  1. Moulds accumulating in certain areas of the house

Moulds can grow anywhere on the house that experience high levels of condensation. But usually, the areas that often have contact with water have higher chances of accumulating them. Always check your bathroom or your kitchen if there have been moulds in their corners.

  1. A musty smell in the air

Moulds are often accompanied by a certain unpleasant odour. Moulds produce microbial volatile organic compounds or mVOCs which emits that odour.  When you’re starting to sense that musty smell, it’s time to inspect every part of your property.

  1. Discolouration on the walls and ceilings

When parts of your walled suddenly turned into black, it is also called ghosting. Ghosting is caused by too much moisture indoors. Walls can also discolour into yellow. If you notice that there have been colour changes on the wall or ceiling paints, the pipes within them might be leaking or the moisture in the atmosphere is too high.

  1. The wallpaper peeling

With too much moisture, the wallpaper on the walls can start to lose its ability to stick to the surface. When this happens, you’ll notice how the wallpaper starts to peel on the sides. If the wall exposed has moulded, it is a sign that you have moisture problems.

  1. Damages on the floors

Moisture problems can also damage the floors. Same with wallpapers, too much humidity messes up with the flooring’s adhesion. The opened seams will then penetrate more moisture which can worsen not only the tile’s condition and a sign of severe moisture issues.

  1. The carpet always feels damp

When you notice that your carpet is damp for no reason at all, it’s time to clean and replace them before it accumulates more moulds and bacteria. It also means that you have to check your humidity levels.

  1. Rodent and insect infestation

This is a more serious sign and it could mean that your moisture problem is already severe. Rodents often live in damp areas which make them attracted to your home if it has high moisture levels. If you’ve seen an alarming amount of pests, call a professional immediately.

  1. Sudden change with your health

Just like with the infestation, a change in your health condition could also be a symptom of a serious moisture issue. If you have been noticing the signs mentioned above, along with sudden allergies and illnesses like asthma, cough, or colds, get your house inspected as soon as possible. 


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