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With ever increasing demand of video content, the number of video editing software in the market is on a surge today that quench everybody’s needs and greeds. I have curated a list of best video editing software in the market today. Find one suiting your needs the best.

With ever increasing demand of video content, the number of video editing software in the market is on a surge today. The integration of videos as an important parameter for SEO has made many parties to include it as a part of their marketing strategy. Did you know, the stats suggest that videos alone, attracts as huge as 80% of web traffic today and owns one-third of the screen time. That’s huge!

Success stories of YouTube entrepreneurs have wooed a lot of companies, both small scale and large scale, and everyone is trying their luck on it. Though, to get your hands on it, you need video editing software to aid you. There are ‘n’ number of readily available apps and softwares to quench everybody’s need and greed. Among these video editing software, what suits your needs the best depends on business volume, your goal and budget! Furthermore, it depends on the device you are opting for. I have curated a list of 10 best video editing software in the market today for Mac and Windows.

List of Best Video Editing Software

In this video-centric web environment, there’s a chance for you to increase your web traffic with list of these video editing software. Let’s go!

iMovie Video Editing Software

Source: Apple

The first to go on our list is iMovie. Though if you are a windows user, you won’t find it accessible, yet, I couldn’t leave it off the list! The software provides you with tools for editing your videos and clips. It has notable features like video enhancements, transitions, special effects, fades, colour corrections and even background musics. You can seamlessly import files from cloud or local storage. You can also wirelessly transfer your videos, clips, photos and music from your iPhone to your iPad or Mac using AirDrop. For example, shoot an exotic sunset video on your phone and edit it later on your Mac. iMovie also has 10 different filters to choose from. You can apply them on individual clips or entire video to give you crazy cinematic effects. The best feature that iMovie offers is the green screen effects. This tool allows you to change backgrounds. With it you can shoot a clip in Delhi and change the background to one of the exotic Goa beaches. Latest versions of iMovie offers extra features through which you can bring out shots by altering the speed. It can also work on 4k videos. Easy interface and exciting features makes it one of the best video editing software for Mac. The class and sheen that this software can provide is unmatchable.

a. Simple interface
b. It’s free!
c. Attractive templates
d. Green screen effect
e. Supports 4k resolution
a. Less features as compared to other video editing software
b. For Mac users only
c. Does not support tagging
d. No motion tracking ability

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software

Source: PCMag

Adobe Premiere Pro has been an industry topper in the game since very long for all the right reasons. Adobe Premiere Pro provides the users with an ecosystem that is absolutely stunning. All other Adobe tools have a clean link up with it, you can seamlessly use Adobe Audition for Audio editing, Photoshop for photo editing and After effects for animations. It is powerful and has a sleek, familiar interface that is easy to grasp and easier to use. It is supportable on all platforms and cameras. PC and Mac, particularly, offer some vigorous tools to assist you with your project. Recent updates and enhanced and improved it to draw the bar of professional video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro has the entire range of features you can think of. Colour grading, audio improvements, sleek workflows, VR editing etc. are some of its key highlights. You can access Adobe products on various online ports as they are designated CC.

a. Powerful, robust and user compatible
b. Supports Mac, PC and other devices, formats and cameras
c. Includes all latest features
d. Full package with Photoshop, Adobe audition, After effects etc.
a. Very expensive at $800.
b. Needs powerful computer
c. Hard to get working with VST plugins

CyberLink PowerDirector Video Editing Software:

Source: Amazon

a. Powerful and robust and clean interface
b. Plethora of features like screen recording etc.
c. Multi-cam editing
d. 360-degree video
e. motion tracking
f. 3d and 4k resolution supportable
g. Speed
a. A little expensive at $79.99
b. Overwhelming features for beginners

CyberLink PowerDirector is one of the fastest video editing software in the game today. Like, Adobe Premiere Pro, it is ever evolving and with each update comes new features keeping it all handy for the users. Though, the software can be overwhelming at first with all its massive list of features, yet a read-through of its guide can clear all your confusions in a go. You can make the most of all the video editing tools available in the market without a hefty budget. It is compatible with Windows and supports all the formats available on Earth. There are a plethora of tools available to edit and polish your video and give it some professional effects.

Filmora Video Editing Software:

Source: NaijaTechGuide

Filmora by wondershare is easy to use, simple yet high-quality video editing software. It comes in a full package with filters, overlays, transitions, sound enhancement and motion elements etc. The sound enhancement tool in particular, is very advanced that delivers features like audio equalisation, background noise removing and keyframing. Like iMovie, this software also has green screen feature to change backgrounds.  It is 4k and gif supportable and stands out with its amazing title tool. It comes in 3 facets with Filmora standard, FilmoraGo for mobiles and, Filmora Scrn for screen recording and editing.

a. Title tool
b. Easy mode
c. Mobile and screen editing
d. Fast processing
e. Easy interface
f.  Free software update
a. Does not offer many features like CyberLink PowerDirector
b. A little expensive with lifetime access for $59.99

Nero Video Editing Software

Source: TechRadar

Nero Video is one of the cheapest video editing software available today. It offers various features and effects that you apply to do decent video editing. It is definitely one of the best softwares for beginners.

a. Low price at $49.99
b. Decent audio tools
c. Good file format supports
d. 4k resolution compatible
e. Good for beginners
a. Less features as compared to video editing software
b. Low functionality
c. Slow
d. No 360-degree or 3D support

Corel VideoStudio Video Editing Software:

Source: YouTube

One among the top video editing softwares available in the market, Corel VideoStudio has all the in-line features. It supports 4k resolution, offers 360-degree VR and motion tracking etc. In fact, Corel VideoStudio is one of the first video editing softwares to deliver motion tracking feature, which, of late, has become the heart of video editing softwares.

a. 360-degree support
b. plethora of tools and features
c. simple interface
d. multipoint motion tracking
e. Multicam editing
f. HTML5 video page creation
g. Ultra HD and 3D media support
h. Reasonable at $51.99
a. No keyword tagging for media
b. Slow as compared to other video editing software.

Pinnacle Studio Video Editing Software

Source: PCMag

Equipped with all the features including motion tracking, 360-degree VR support, multicam editing, 4k resolution support, Pinnacle Studio video editing software is fast rendering and has a user-friendly, easy, clean interface. It has full range of features, for example, colouring tools, titles, templates, remapping etc., that one can expect from video editing software. A bit expensive, the software is worth all the bucks that it charges.

a. fast rendering
b. Equipped with all features
c. motion tracking
d. 360-degree VR editing
e. 4k and H.265 support
f. Good audio tools
g. tagging and star ratings for media
a. Expensive at $129
b. Motion tracking issues on one test PC
c. Occasion crashes in testing

Lightworks Video Editing Software

Source: TechRadar

Lightworks is one of the best professional video editing softwares available. This video editing software has been used in a lot of movies for editing. A free version is available for the users that offer almost all features. It is best suited for Windows 10 but, nonetheless, works well with all other PCs. The only drawback is that the free version only allows you to export your project at internet-compatible 720p.

a. Supports all formats
b. Importing is easy
c. Extremely powerful
d. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
e. Offers good control
a. Restricted format output
b. Interface is challenging
c.  It’s free!

Apple Final Cut Pro x Video Editing Software


This video editing software is for those who have been working on video editing softwares for quite some time and want to give a professional makeover to their skills as a video editor. Available for Mac, this video editing software charges $299.99, but is definitely worth every penny if you are absolutely serious about making a career in video editing. It has got a magnetic timeline and touch bar support from Mac.

a. Touch bar support
b. Magnetic timeline
c. 360-degree support and HDR
d. Multicam support
e. Fast rendering
f. Great many tools and libraries
a. No stabilization and motion tracking
b. Expensive

Adobe Premiere Elements Video Editing Software

Source: Wikipedia

Adobe Premiere Element has been an industry topper in the video editing software. Some of its features are too attractive to resist, for example, The Guided Edits allows beginners to carry out quick edits as well as take on high-end projects with software’s aid. Since its release, many other video editing softwares have come, which are faster and more powerful.

a. Guided edits
b. Easy interface
c. Many video effects
d. Text tools
e. 4k resolution support
f. Audio editing
a. No 360-degree VR Editing
b. No multicam feature
c. Slow
d. Expensive for the feature it offers at $79.99.

All these video editing softwares are the best video editing softwares that you can get. Among these, if you are looking out for high-end video editing experience, I would suggest you to either go for Adobe Premiere Pro, CyberLink PowerDesign or Corel VideoStudio. These 3 video editing softwares will give you all the required features and tools. For Mac users, both of the above listed Mac exclusive video editing softwares are handy and top in-line. For those, who don’t have a high budget can go for Lightworks, which is an excellent choice.


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