How to Increase Donations for Your Charity or Nonprofit


Cashflow is a concern for everyone, whether you are an individual, or you run any kind of business, be it a regular company, or a charity of any kind. If you are running a charity or a nonprofit company, then you will need to keep your donation levels as high as possible throughout the year. There are all sorts of different ways of getting these donation levels up, but the following blog post will offer you a wide range of options you can put into practice. 

Offer Mobile, Text, and Online Giving Options 

Essentially, you do not want to be putting in place any sort of barriers at all that are going to discourage people from donating to your charity. This means that it is certainly going to be worth offering the full range of different options that can give people that added boost, as well as meaning that you are allowing them to donate as and when they would like to. Using a service like Tatango is one great way of ensuring that you have a direct means of communication with customers that can be heavily relied upon. 

Take a Personal Approach 

If you can connect with the customers personally, there is no doubt that this is a highly effective option that will be more than worth making the most of. So, try to use customer names where you have them, and if you know that there is a certain campaign that they have responded well to, you have this extra bit of info that can help you to drive up donation levels in the future. 

Make Sure to Show Gratitude 

There is no doubt that people need to feel like their donation has been worthwhile, and ensuring that you show gratitude to those that have donated in the past demonstrates to them that what they are doing is not being treated in isolation. Instead, it proves that they are making a big difference to the overall cause, which can help get those repeat donations you are looking to gain. 

Hold Fundraising Events 

While you can certainly get plenty of donations when you appeal to people on social media or via SMS message, there is no doubt that fundraising events can be highly effective in ensuring that you encourage the type of responses that you are looking for. This can be an excellent way of showing them the type of important work that your charity is doing, and people are certainly more likely to respond positively when you demonstrate this firsthand. Annual events are a great way to get everyone together, and once they become popular, everyone will start looking forward to them, and your guest list will be booked up months ahead with donors.

Ensuring that you keep getting funds for your charity or nonprofit organisation is an ongoing challenge. Still, these are just a few of the methods you have available in front of you, ensuring that you can get the donations as high as possible and continue with the good work that you are doing with as few barriers as possible.


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