The Big Boss Here: Checking On Some Of The Newest Hugo Boss Watches In 2020


Boss or Hugo Boss AG is a fashion brand from Germany. Hugo Boss is not new to the fashion watch industry. As of now, Hugo Boss offers a vast collection of premium yet affordable dress watches for men and women. For sure, there is a Hugo Boss for every occasion. Any watch collector would know the actual value of their watches. That is why you would not want to miss out on some Hugo Boss pieces. Here are some of its Newest Watches for the year 2020.

Aeroliner Quartz Blue Dial Watch

If you’re here to look for the newest and the best Hugo Boss watch, then you’re in the right place. The first on the line is the Aeroliner Quartz Blue Dial Men’s Watch. Right from the get-go, you’ll see right away its manly appearance. It uses high-quality stainless steel that provides better durability, and at the same time, it complements the overall design of the watch.

The blue dial also sends a very sporty feel, which is perfect for those sporty types of men. The Hugo Boss Aeroliner Quartz Blue Dial offers a very modest size; with its 44mm diameter, this watch will fit the majority of men out there. If you can check the watch personally, you will appreciate its simple design yet very sleek looking.

It’s not a surprise why it’s one of the best watches of Hugo Boss right now. Despite having so many good sides, the Aeroliner Quartz Blue Dial has a price tag below $300, which is pretty impressive. This watch also offers different types of useful functions, such as the date indicator that is located between four and five o’clock.

Grand Prix Quartz White Dial

If the modern and sporty looking Aeroliner Quartz Blue Dial isn’t your taste, then you might want to check the Grand Prix Quartz White Dial. It’s a very classic and fancy looking watch that beats all of its competition in affordable pricing and overall design. Right now, the Hugo Boss Grand Prix Quartz White Dial has a price tag of not more than $250.

What makes the Grand Prix Quartz better than its competition at this price point? The answer to that question is quite simple. It offers a luxurious design which you don’t often see at this price point. The premium brown leather also provides an additional vintage feel to the watch’s overall design, which complements well the stainless steel body case.

On the specification side of things, this watch uses a quartz movement, which is not a bad thing since it’s a very affordable timepiece. Also, it’s case diameter is 44mm, which is just the right size for most men out there. Even though it’s a fashion type watch, it still provides pretty decent water depth resistance for about 30 meters.

Trophy Quartz Black Dial

The Hugo Boss Trophy Quartz Black Dial is the perfect watch for the real gentlemen. Despite having a luxurious design, the Trophy Quartz Black Dial is very affordable for only $220. The design of the Trophy is pretty straight forward. You have a stainless steel body case combined with a premium calfskin leather band, which is pretty nice to look at.

Another worth noticing is that the Hugo Boss Trophy Quartz Black Dial is a chronograph type of watch. It means that you have the three small circles that provide you your minutes, seconds, and hours. Also, around the bezel of the Trophy is its tachymeter function. So basically, you get high-end features in an affordable price range.

Besides having chronograph features, the Hugo Boss Trophy Black Dial doesn’t have any other unique features, which is not bad. It’s simple, sleek, and a very manly looking watch. Another great thing about the Trophy watch is that it has a 50 meters water depth resistance, which is far better than the other watches that have been mentioned here.

Talent Men’s Quartz Black Dial

Here’s another excellent quartz chronograph from Hugo Boss. The Talent Men’s Quartz Black Dial is a thing of beauty; with its gunmetal-themed body color, you’ll love wearing this timepiece. Just like the other Hugo Boss watches, this watch also uses high-quality steel for its case. In contrast, the bracelet material is a premium looking ceramic.

It’s still a quartz movement, which is good because you can easily replace its batteries once it runs out. The repair cost for a quartz movement watch is less expensive than a mechanical movement watch, which means you’ll be saving a lot of money with this one.

The same with the Trophy Quartz Black Dial, this watch also has a tachymeter and some basic chronograph features or functions. Besides having an hour, minute, and second chronograph functions, you’ll also get a date feature between 4 and 5 o’clock. If you decide to buy this watch, every dollar you’ll spend is all worth it.

Hugo Boss Ikon Chronograph Quartz Blue Dial

If you like gold watches, and you’re willing to spend at least $300 for a piece of the chronograph watch. If yes, the Hugo Boss Ikon Chronograph Quartz Blue Dial is the ideal watch for you. This watch will be a looker anywhere you go; with its shiny gold plated steel body case combined with a gold plated bracelet, you’ll feel like a King without spending too much.

The Ikon Chronograph is still using a quartz movement, which makes it very affordable. But the most exciting part of the watch is its blue enamel dial and its gold-tone hands and indexes. It sits very well with the gold color body, making it look like a thousand dollar luxury watch. You’ll also get a tachymeter, seconds, minutes, and hours indicators.

Despite being a dress watch, the Hugo Boss Ikon Chronograph provides an astonishing 100 meters of water resistance, which you don’t usually get from this type of watch right now at this price point. Furthermore, this watch offers excellent durability with its high-quality steel body; however, the gold-tone body might be prone to scratches, so you need to be careful.


Suppose you’re trying to find an expensive-looking watch in an affordable price range. Hugo Boss is the perfect watch brand for you. You can go with a standard watch, which will only cost you not more than $200, or if you have room for spending a couple of hundreds of dollars, you can try the chronograph watches of Hugo Boss.


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