5 reasons for your company to switch HR solution now!

HR Solution in Bangladesh
HR Solution in Bangladesh

Do you know why HR software solutions are important for your company? Do you want to switch to an HR software system? 

HR solution in Bangladesh is essential for managing your business activity. By implementing an effective HR software, you can stay on the lead to deliver more operative and efficient service. It looks after your key transaction processor, editor, record-keeper, and functional application system which lies at the heart of your all electronic HR work. To allocate staff & managers time & resources more efficiently, you need to have an HR solution for your company. To know why your company definitely should have HR software, read below.

Objectives of HR Solutions in Bangladesh: 

  • Identification of HR data needs for every efficient area of your organization.
  • By Forming a comprehensive database to fulfill your needs.
  • It gives you the desired data available in the right form to the right person and at the right time.
  • To develop a complete useful specification for your HR system.
  • Plan the necessary transaction for your processing and updated information.
  • It helps you to use the most effective method of processing data.
  • It supports you to recognize retrieved and reporting needs of information.
  • It gives you supporting documentation.
  • It provides you with the necessary security and secrecy for important and confidential information.
  • HR solution help you immensely by keeping data up-to-date.

So, the elementary objectives of an HR software system are to help and support you to function as an effective and liable area for running the human resource of the organization. 

Benefits of HR Solution in Bangladesh:

  • Managing your employees 

Track every characteristic required to plot your employee’s career development plan by an HR software. It covers collecting data about their performance on training courses and keeps a record of all the employees. You can also pledge that the data from reviews are stored properly, including details on your set goals.

  • Observing leaves and absences

A good HR solution can give you to get rid of all these problems due to sudden requests of leaves for holidays or your employee’s sickness absences.

  • Checking data at a look

Difficulties occur when outdated data are used for decision-making. By letting you access any data at any time, HR software helps you. The available data you can look at a glance and recover them within a short time. 

  • Safeguarding data administration

In a complex setup, important data of your employee are kept in the office’s cupboards. But is it safe? There is no guarantee that everyone who can access these files is authorized. But through the HR software system gives you the full visibility of who viewed what information and when..

  • Saving time and improving output

Computerization through HR software systems diminishes the time and effort to complete the task of your company. To look for the employee’s complete information, you no longer have to go through spreadsheets anymore. It also helps you be more efficient and productive with your work management.

Types of HR Solution:

HR software systems that can be used in your company are five types. They are:

  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Payroll Systems

The five reasons to use an HR software solution

  • Protect Employee Database

The HR software system protects your employee data within an available yet secure system by monitoring and updating employee and company information.

  • Developed decision-making efficiency.

For decision-making to be easy, having relevant data is much needed. Good quality HR software can ensure that you remember to input valuable and vital data on all features of human resources.

  • Performance and feedback 

The two most important functions of your organization are Employee feedback and employee performance. HR software helps to share employee feedback and keep track of employee performance.

  • Staffing and On-boarding 

For clearly understanding the job roles and responsibilities, using HR software for staffing helps you to a great extent. The right kind of onboarding is essential to make new hires feel easy at their new workplace.

  • Enhanced Security

By reducing the number of accounts and associated security risks, HR solution can also increase your business’ security.

Jibika Plexus, HR Software solution in Bangladesh

Jibika Intelligic Ltd. is currently one of the best solutions for their HR & Payroll software “Jibika Plexus” in Bangladesh. They are dedicated to customizing the HR & Payroll software as per your requirements. Their tremendous work will help you to boost your company’s HR-related work with most developing techniques. 


Jibika Plexus is lightened by the outstanding features which are extended by the practical experience. Some additional features are added below.

  • Faster attendance process & payroll generate.
  • Multiple agreement papers can be checked at the same time.
  • Multiple deposits’ sanction is used for all manual accesses.
  • By Proper practice of Logo, Photo, Sign & QR code.
  • Adding facility Unlimited business intelligence reports.
  • No need to customize frequently because all operation are settings based
  • To ensure the highest security and fastness, Oracle databases are used.
  • Email, Mobile SMS, and task reminder by which notification is given.

Therefore, we can see that there are many benefits to switching to HR software for your company. Some HR software supports your association to help the staff and leaders by time following, updating employee handbooks, etc. Thus HR solution in Bangladesh can make your organization work easier and faster. So you can switch to HR software for your company without any hesitation.


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