How To Use latest UX Optimization Techniques in 2020

UX Optimization
UX Optimization

User Experience or UX design refers to the way of designing products to create the best and meaningful experiences for users. The product can be a website, a mobile application, or even software. 

In a contemporary context, it signifies some form of human-computer interaction.

Highlighting the importance of UX as an entire experience, a well-designed UX increases return on investment (ROI). A good UX leads to better user retention, adds consumer recommendations, increases repeat customers, raises conversion rates, and boosts credibility. UX also tends to lower business expenses.

On the contrary, UI design stands for user interface design. User interface design complements UX Design; the feel and look, the appearance and interactivity of a product is termed as user interface design (UI).

UX and UI work hand in hand. UI is like an icing on a UX cake.

 Highlights on UX Industry:

  • State of UX industry worldwide in 2020

Today the UX industry worldwide focuses on designing for transparency and promising critical thinking from the users. In the year 2020, product designers are working on designing tools to filter out false content, making customers further aware of fake, and ending the spread of misleading information.

The industry is putting effort into building micro-communities in 2020. The most significant discussions in the design are becoming local, truthful, and dedicated. Designs in the industry are gradually shifting their workflow to a file-less model sharing. Today information environments are the core of all digital institutions. So, these aspects increase the strategic importance of design in general and information architecture in specific.

In 2020, the UX industry is more focused on spending less energy in creating new components for design systems, and draws attention to understanding the systems behind the design.

  • Leading UX agencies operating in Bangladesh

In 2020, some of the leading UX agencies operating in Bangladesh are:

TechCare UX Studio, SEO Audit Agency, Notionhive, Tanviro, Elegant IT Limited, Augnity, Pixency, Orbit Informatics, and ThemeLooks working on UX-UI.

  • UI versus UX and how they work together

User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are inevitable in designing. For example, you want to launch a new app with a new idea. So, you hire a UX Designer to figure out the features you need for your app to meet people’s needs. But, when you open the app, you find out that you can barely read yellow text on a white background. This is a case of User Experience (UX) with a lack of User Interface (UI).

  • UI technology in 2020-the industry outlook and trends

UI Design trends in 2020 are not just for satisfying customers’ aesthetics needs. They are enhanced to provide an extra degree of usability and accessibility to the users.


Bold Typography is what works as a differentiator in today’s advertising. It provides a dual role in attracting customers as well as representing brand personality. In 2020, website headlines in bold typography and simplicity of web designs will do the job of a successful UI designing. 

Broken Grids:

A broken grid method is placing design elements chaotically on a website. This will make websites look attractive and creative. It will be one of the top trends in 2020.


UI design will see sound layers in 2020. UI design with sound in an app or website can add a much more pleasant experience for a user.

Low Key Gradients:

Minimalism is the key in 2020. Using less bright and flashy gradients is the trend for UI design now.

UX design trends in 2020

  • Animated illustrations

An animated illustration is a moving visual representation of a concept or message. They are strong attention grabbers in digital product designs for a strong user experience. By adding motion to illustrations, you can engage customers with your product and make your product stand out and bring them to life. 

  • Voice User Interfaces(VUI)

Voice user interfaces (VUIs) allow the user or customer to interact using voice or by commanding through speech to the system. UX designers need to eradicate the need to type and understand that design principles need to govern a voice-controlled interaction feature. This is more acceptable to users than typing.

  • Personalized User Interfaces(PUI)

Users always prefer interfaces that have been personalized according to their convenience and tastes. In Graphics Design personalization is dynamic. A study says, 33% of users abandon a business because it lacks personalization. Personalizing your UX Design and designing UX for recommendation is highly required for successful transactions.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a combination of virtual reality and reality. It lets you see the real environment in front of you with a digital augmentation superimposed on it. UX designers are not limited to designing only screen-only user interfaces. Rather they are now experimenting with more physical interactions.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a non-natural environment created with software and presented to the user in a way that the user takes it as a real environment.

UX Designers are putting a greater focus on VR for digital product designing.

  • Integration in multi-platforms/Device synchronization

Device Synchronization means a user can experience the same content in more than one device in mobile, laptop, and PC. UX designers can focus on providing multi-device experience to enhance user experience that web visitors will highly appreciate.

  • Neomorphism

Neuromorphic is a blend of solid color with shadows. The features are raised shapes having the exact color as the background. There lies a big chance of Neomorphism to be the biggest UX design trend in 2020.

  • Storytelling

Storytelling is about conveying information to the users effectively and creatively. Storytelling is a successful tool in UX Designing. By using illustrations, typography, photos, bold colors and other interactive elements US Designers help to create positive emotion between users and a brand.

  • Easy Navigation

When loading on a webpage, a user usually leaves if the loading time is more than three seconds. UX Designers need to ensure web pages are optimized for easy navigation and faster loading.

  • Video Content

Videos are an important form of consumable content. Video Content is a trend for UX Design in 2020. Instead of persuading your user to read content, you can just for a 2 minutes video conveying your message.

  • Material Designing

The material design comes with using 3D icons, animations, lighting, shadow effects, etc. Most UX designers offer an engaging experience to website visitors by using these features in a site.

UX web design trends in 2020

  • Dark mode

Dark mode has gained high popularity in terms of web design in 2020. It provides users with an ultra-modern theme. Switching to a dark mode also offers many additional features and solutions to users.

  • Immersive 3D elements

3D Designs have always been an attractive feature of websites. But, today websites are blending a technique of using virtual reality, augmented reality for building a hyper-realistic 3D web design.

  • Abstract Data Visuals

Today data visuals on a website with tables and databases look outdated. So, websites are bringing an abstract display of data where products are displayed by showing aces moving in all directions. UX Designers suggest that this generates a feeling of depth and floating in users.

  • Asymmetrical web layout

2020 has made websites gain a more asymmetrical layout and grid. Asymmetrical web layouts are dynamic. It gives an active and interesting platform to present the product layout, unlike symmetrical web layout which gives users a feeling of flatness.

  • Micro-animations/mini-games, and moving design elements

The animation is a trend of 2020. As a UX solution, animation makes it easy to comprehend brand messages. It also makes users interact with websites. In a modern world where everyone is in a rush, adding mini- games or micro animations on a website helps to quickly convey a message to users.

Mobile UX design trends in 2020

  • Login without passwords/Biometric authentication

Facial recognition, fingerprint authentication, or one-time temporary passwords (OTP) are the trends for login in apps now. It allows mobile users the convenience of a password-less login system. 

  • Mobile App Personalization

Mobile app personalization is a tailored feature of UX designing. As much as YouTube or SoundCloud assess listener choices and offer recommendations, all mobile app personalization is the key goal of UX Designers now.

  • Buttonless design

Physical buttons are no longer a used feature on mobiles. By freeing up mobile screen spaces, UX designers aim on providing more data to users.

  • Bottom Navigation

The bottom navigation bar is emerging for mobile users in 2020. You can catch them in a few mobile applications already. The bottom sheets offer a swipe-up gesture, which makes more options accessible.

  • Chatbox/Virtual Assistants

A chatbot or virtual assistant is an application for conducting an online conversation directly with a human agent. 

UX Designers are focusing on users’ numerous interaction ways such as Avatars, interactive voices, response buttons, typing indicators, and free-text typing with an auto-completion function.

Next Big Thing in UX Design

“The next big thing in UX Design is designing for a different generation of users based on needs, expectations, and demands.”

Different generations of users have different dependencies on digital platforms. Needs, expectations, and demands vary with the generation of users. Accessibility, psychology, and usability are three factors UX designers are considering to change the process of UX design. As a next big change, UX Designers are focusing on diversity, keeping in mind the age differences among generations and their demands from a digital platform.

Future of UX

  • Lite mode site designs will emerge

Lite modes are usually those versions that help a user cut down on load duration, use fewer data, and help to browse faster. 

UX Designers will begin designing customized lite screens that can be switched from the navigation bar of a site. It will benefit users with full features but faster browsing.

  • Microscopy will rise

Microscopy is the little moments of text that take us through an experience in a website or app. It includes hint texts or button labels, error messages, etc. 

UX writers will design fanciful microcopy and discover ways to create a bridge for balancing brand personality through focused accuracy.

  • Website overlays/pop-ups will disappear

Pop-ups are types of online advertising on the website that suddenly appears in the foreground of an interface.

From the UX perspective, popups ruin the user experience while browsing. Businesses will skip the use of pop-ups or overlays and focus on more holistic practices of conversion.

  • Speed reading will emerge

Digital speed reading apps are evident to increase focus and complete reading. UX Designers will design more digital publications to execute speed reading to present texts on a small screen.

  • Ethical designing will be prioritized

Ethical designing is a persuasive designing technique based on ethics and legality so that it is not harmful to anyone. Ethical designing validates trust in a user. UX Designers will essentially design keeping ethical standards in mind to the future.

End Note

Design trends are changing every year and becoming the latest with years passing by. 2020 will be a more progressive year with the use of the latest UX and UI design techniques. These are expected to gather popularity and support in 2020. The primary goal of it remains the same and that is offering a flawless user experience through UX Designing. To add, UI designs that work hand in hand with UX are also optimized for a higher degree of accessibility to end-users.


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