How to Use a Phone Number For People Search?


Haven’t you wished that you could always know who was calling you? Every time you answered a spam call, did you not want to know it beforehand so that you wouldn’t have to attend it. Phone calls are one of the most beneficial ways to communicate with people. Calls are the easiest ways to discuss things and have an essential place in your professional and personal life.

Phone calls connect people in real-time, and when it’s all through the phone, there are times you might get a spam call or calls from unknown numbers. So, to be on the safer side, it is important not to entertain these calls. There are times someone calls you pretending to be from your bank, and you end up giving them information about your accounts, which leads to you losing money; if you do a phone lookup and find it as spam, you wouldn’t have to attend such calls.

How will you know who is calling you? To know who is calling you, you need to look up these numbers. To help you find the details of such numbers, you can use people search platforms, and out of all, we have written about some of the sites that will help you know who is calling you.


CityZor is one of the best sites which can help you to find out someone’s phone number. It provides us different choices while searching like by state code. Their service is entirely free as they focus on providing selfless service. It provides a totally free reverse address lookup of a person which is accurate and updated. The details provided by Cityzor are age, email addresses, social networking links, profession, and their court records and pictures and videos. They also provide us with a reverse search. This company is authorized and buys the databases from trusted sources so that they can provide accurate information.

Find phone number from Google.

Google is one of the many ways used to find people online. You can find people by just performing a casual search. When you use Google to find people, you can do it with a few information like their name, phone number, address, and email id. You can also use Google to identify people with just a photo.

You can use Google to find phone numbers, like both residential and official numbers. Just open Google and type in the person’s name and the other helpful information, and scroll through the results to see if the number has been listed anywhere on the web.

 A reverse phone number lookup is also possible in Google. If you know the number but you don’t know about the person’s identity, you can do the reverse lookup on Google to learn more about the caller. These services are free on Google.


TrueCaller can be accessed from both an app as well as the website. It lets you know the person’s identity and the location of where the person is calling. It enables you to block the caller to prevent further calls from the number, and you can mark the caller as spam. You can get the details like contact number, address by just giving the person’s name. It has a broad base, so there are very few chances of omission of people. Everything comes with a price; you cannot extract details about anyone through the app’s free version. To get all the details, you need to get a premium version of the TrueCaller. It is available in both android and iO.S. The TrueCaller’s dynamic community is always evolving, and it is regularly updated too. The data is crowd-sourced from all the people who have downloaded the TrueCaller app on their phones. Truecaller has a user agreement by which TrueCaller app asks the user’s permission to access the user’s address book on the smartphone. This data is then added to the company’s servers.


So, we have written about some of the websites which let you identify unknown callers. There are some other sites too; you can choose the one which serves you the best. Look for a facility that enables you to block spam calls and prevents such calls in the future too. Some websites offer paid or premium versions for more benefits; it up to you which one you need right now.


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