How To Restore a Positive Online Reputation

Restore a positive Online Reputation
Restore a positive Online Reputation

Whether you are operating a business or trying to stand out in person, you aim for a good reputation. In today’s world when we talk about reputation, online reputation plays a significant role than offline. It is because we are all connected by online platforms

So, online reputation is how customers see or perceive a business or a person online. In other words, how you evaluate a business or a person online. Reputation management is notable for both businesses and personals.

Online Reputation Management is how a business or person works on building and maintaining a good image online. Most of the time, online channels include social media, websites, and blogs.

The purpose of Online Reputation Management is managing, promoting, and maintaining the image in the online space.

How to Manage Online Reputation:

1. Online Reputation Management Strategies:

I. Develop your reputation:

• Launch websites, blogs, and social media accounts

• Appear on listings on local business directories

• Use Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) so that your business shows up on the first page of the search results.

• Create authentic content that caters to the needs of customers with solutions

• Be trustworthy when building your reputation

• Be dominant in using social media by regular posting schedules

• Be responsive to your customers by answering their queries, tweets or comments

II. Monitor your reputation:

• Search the online platforms with the name of your business to find out what customers are reviewing about you or your business

• Handle bad reviews and clarify them by reaching out to the customers

• Take direct customer feedback for improvement

• If any online platform shows negative reviews or search results about your business,  request site to remove it

• Use monitoring tools such as Google Alerts, Google Analytics, etc. to get alerts

III. Engaging customers

• Use content that customers enjoy such as contests, quizzes or discussions

• Interact via website and blogs

• Ensure social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

• Engaging more customers helps to increase reach, clicks, shares, and KPI

IV. Assess the process

• Assess the communication process

• Repair online reputation management strategy if needed

The Importance of Online Reputation Management in Today’s World:

1. Why Online Reputation Matters:

Online reputation matters for the well-being of a business in the long run. Customers depend on reviews as personal recommendations. They depend on it before making a decision.

Online Reputation Goals

The main goal of online reputation is to build a strong first impression of your brand. First impressions develop positive or negative sentiments in people.

-Role of Online Reputation for businesses & persons

Managing an online reputation is a part of a business marketing strategy. News articles, blogs, posts, comments, and opinions are crucial for the online reputation of a business.

Consumers look for your presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get a better idea of your personal or business reputation. If you aren’t active and involved on these online platforms, then you will miss out on many potential businesses.

-Differences between positive and negative online reputation

A positive online reputation can encourage customers to leave positive feedback about your brand. A positive reputation builds trust in your business. As a result, it boosts your sales.

A negative online reputation can hurt your business. You can lose customers too. As a consequence, you can lose your sales.

Online Reputation Management addresses search engine result pages in web content and other online media.

For instance, online reputation management in Digital Marketing plays a vital role as it helps to get free of negative feedback about a business and brand from search engines.

Online Reputation Management aids digital marketing in the following ways to increase search engine optimization ranking using Best SEO Service. It enhances positive reviews and brand visibility. It also boosts a company’s business with positive reviews.

On another hand,

Nestle is a global conglomerate for food and drink processing. Nestle could not manage a good online reputation. Customers complained about their environmental practices. But Nestle did not address them. People became angry and posted altered versions of the Nestle logo. Nestle did not respond to their public page. So, this led to negative online reputation management and customer dissatisfaction.

2. Benefits of a Positive Online Reputation:

Building more trust of customers

People trust businesses with a more positive online reputation. People trust the opinion of consumers higher than paid advertisements.

Increasing Sales

A strong online reputation can bring more sales and revenue for a business. On the contrary, a positive reputation can cut down marketing and advertising costs.

Larger profit margins

A positive online reputation attracts more customers. More customers lead to making more money. With more money comes a larger profit margin.

More visibility on search engines

The visibility of business websites on the search engine boosts up a positive reputation. It appears on the first page of search engines as it favors the best content.

Influential Marketing Tool

You can always share a positive customer review of your business as a marketing tool. Using positive customer experiences will help attract more customers.

No negative reviews

A positive online reputation can eliminate the fear of negative reviews. Although sometimes there can be a mix of both. But in general, a good reputation leads to good reviews.

Ranking factor

Good reputation gets viral in no time. It gets recognition quickly. A positive reputation leads people to search more about your business. Higher search boosts more web traffic and keywords.

3. Reputation Restore

When your company image is damaged by problems, it is required to control the situation. You need to acknowledge the problem. Identify the reasons that caused the problem. Then you need to find a remedy. This is how you restore your business’s online reputation. 

Steps of Restoring a Positive Online Reputation:

1. Rebuilding company reputation:

Remove false customer feedback/reviews

Research shows, 41% of brands experienced negative events that damaged their online reputation. It also decreased revenue. Some dishonest competitors can post fake reviews to hurt your business’s reputation. Remove false customer feedback from your communication channels. And try to reach out to customers in person.

Own your mistakes if any and apologize immediately

If you identify a fault from your company’s end, own your mistake. It is important to accept criticism and take responsibility while doing business. Apologize on your website and social media. Be brief about what happened and what you are doing to make things right in the future. Respond to social media comments for rebuilding positive relationships.

Communicate transparently with your audience via media/communication channels

To restore your company image, you can use social media and press to reconnect with consumers. Instead of ignoring criticism, be transparent and regular with your communication with your audience.

•  Evaluate damages

Evaluate your negative press coverage. Examine sites for the complaints you have received. Reach your stakeholders and investors. Deliver formal apology. Take feedback from customers, investors, and the general public, and evaluate the damages.

Keep posted about your situation for rebuilding positive reputation

After knowing the damage and apologizing for your mistake, begin the restoration process. Focus on all the communication channels you got. This includes social media pages, websites, blogs, etc. Take full control over these channels and keep posting about your current situation.

• Rebuild from customers’ perspective

Research on your customer reviews, comments, and experiences shared online. Find the common issue in the reviews. Find out if your customers share similar concerns. Note those concerns and work on rebuilding from the customers’ perspective.

2. Improving personal reputations

 • Building social media profiles and optimizing with SEO

Create social media profiles on platforms like Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Quora, etc. More profiles help Google with more chances of showing you up on the first page of search results. Optimize your online profiles for maximum SEO values.

• Opt for a personal website

Get a personal website with a domain of your full name. Include your bio, your job experiences, your achievements, a contact page, your blog, and the media page if any. You can control and highlight your best strengths through a personal website.

Promote your contents with a schedule

Set a calendar to publish your content and post on social media. You need to figure out if you want to post per day or week. To get the best output you should at least publish original content once a week. Be consistent in promoting yourself.

• Be active and present online

Stay active in your social media accounts. Always update your information. Be responsive. Work on improving your reputation with time. Monitor your reputation and grow your following.

Spread positive publicity

Spread positive publicity with activities like volunteering, participating in community causes, offering workshops, and so on. Positive publicity is a step in improving personal reputations. Fill your online profiles with positive photos and media.

• Do not argue online

Do not get in online conversations that damage all the hard work you do for your reputation. If you disagree with someone, deal with it professionally but positively. Never get into an argument with people who are not like-minded as you.

End Note

Restoring a positive online reputation is a challenge. If someone comments anything negative about you, it can put you or your business at a disadvantage. It takes a company to gain a positive reputation over the years but it takes a moment to suffer a negative reputation. So it is highly recommended to be aware of your reputation online. Being aware will help you to monitor your reputation frequently. As a result, you can act fast to restore a positive reputation online.


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