How To Prepare For MP Judiciary


Every year the prestigious high court of Madhya Pradesh releases vacancy for the post of civil judge. This year the MP high court has released a notification for civil judges in Jabalpur HC. This is the most difficult exam among all exams and requires great preparation and dedication. It is divided into two stages – the prelims and mains. 

MP judiciary exams preparation

There must be many doubts among the aspirants who are doing it for the first time, but you do not need to worry. We have accommodated a lot of information for you to make this journey easy.

Be fully dedicated and concentrated when sitting for preparation as it will decide your whole future ahead. Aspirants should either do self-studying but ensure that you have proper guidance from a near and dear one or join a coaching institute for the same. If the Candidate does not receive proper guidance from a legitimate source, it will cost the Candidate a waste of time, energy, attempts and money. So make sure you get proper guidance.

Read Notification

Every Candidate must visit the official site once and read the notification very clearly. Notification is the official document in the form of an announcement made by the authority. In case the students have any doubts regarding the exam, they can enter them into the search box, and related pages will appear on the screen for the students to read. One should go through the official website very thoroughly.

Make a strategy

Before sitting down for study, the student must be fully aware of the syllabus. MP judiciary syllabus PDF is available on the internet. In addition to this, one should be aware of previous exam papers and be fully familiar with the exam pattern to avoid any confusion during mock tests or the final examinations itself.

The Candidate should prepare a time table to give equal and enough time for each topic and subject. Also, the Candidate must refrain from all the distractions that come their way to deviate from their goal. The preferred way for this examination is the reverse mechanism, that is they should first start with Mains preparation then comes to prelims.

Students should be thorough with news as current affairs play a major role when it comes to MP judiciary exams. Candidates are advised to maintain extensive current affairs notes and revise it every three days. They should prepare their own question bank based on previous years question papers and their daily study quota.

Candidates should especially stress on certain topics like Code of Civil Procedure, Indian Evidence Act, Indian Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure. The MP Judiciary Exam is a qualifying type of exam in nature. Therefore candidates should practice a lot from Mock tests and previous year papers. They will surely help with the exam. Candidates should make a list of the best books for Mp judiciary exams and highlight the important topics from the books and make a question set of their own.

Be confident for Interview

Lastly, Candidate should not be nervous for the Interview. This could be a little intimidating, but you need to remember that the interviewers are not there to test their knowledge but to examine their personality and how you will react to certain situations. You need to be dressed formally for this and be sure for what you are saying. Refrain from lying as it is easily detectable.


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