Top Six Ways to Make Your Cat or Kitten Feel at Home in 2021


There was a time when cats lived in the wild. This has affected them until now, even though most of them are now domestic animals. We find ourselves getting used to their behaviors as we try to accommodate them in our lives. The question is, how do we make sure our cats are our friends? How do we make them feel at home?

Below are our answers to these questions.

Provide Perches

Naturally, cats love trees says My Cat Top Review. They use trees as their hideout against predators and as their getaway spot to survey their environment. The sight of a tree can make your cat fall in love with your house instantly. If you don’t want to invest in a cat tree at the moment, any tall elements in your home can do. Items like tall shelves, bookcases, sofa chair, mantle, and others can be a starting place.

If your cat has a place to explore its natural ability, she will relate well with her surroundings. This means there will a place that is familiar to her. To prevent your new cat from scratching on the sofa when playing around, you can shift them backward to create space that is wide enough for her to move around without damaging things.

Connecting to the Outdoors

It’s true we don’t like our cats going outside because of the dangers associated with it. We fear they may come across a prey that may infect them if they consume it or get hit by a speeding car. Also, most times, when other domestic pets come in contact with a cat, a fight ensures leaving one hurt. There are so many things to think about that will make us want to keep our cats indoors forever.

However, we can’t just shut them in for life. Despite the dangers out there, we should let our cats go out once in a while under supervision. We shouldn’t let them leave our sight when outside. This is to make sure we keep them out of dangerous places and prevent them from getting hurt. If you are looking for activities to get involved in when outdoors, we got you covered.

You can go on a leash walking with your cat, let it get familiar with the street and your neighborhood. You don’t have to take her outside to achieve this; you can stand in the doorway where it can see outside or place her on the window frame while she’s in your care. If you have a screen porch, you can also make use of the scene where your cat can listen to what’s going on around her.


Cats like to hide a lot; it’s part of their natural behavior. That’s why you find them in strange places around the home, even under your sofa. They don’t like to be seen much, so they tend to burrow into things that can accommodate them.

Instead of leaving your cat to find a place to hide, why not make a place available for her to hide? You can buy play tunnels at pet stores around you or order for one online. These tunnels are made of fabric, and they are safe to use. Most times, you find a play tunnel that can be used as a bed; this means it has a layer of bedding at the end of it where your cat can sleep. Apart from this, you can get an outdoor enclosure for your cat, just like you would get a doghouse for a dog. If you want to try out the cost-effective ways to prepare a hideout for your cat, you can use the foot of your shelf. You need to put a bunch of books at the side of the shelf or drag a stool to cover a part of your coffee table to make it look like a cave.

You can get creative and think of other methods to make an area where your cat can have her pastime.

Scratch Posts

Scratching is natural for cats. They do these to sharpen their claws in readiness to catch prey, fight off predators, and to climb. To prevent your furniture and curtain from their claws, you need to make an alternative available.

You should not try and keep your cat from scratching; it’s normal for her to do so. The only thing you can do is get something she can scratch on, like a post or corrugated cardboard sold in stores for pets. Not only this, but other materials can also be used for scratching, examples are rope fibers and carpets. Providing these will make your household items safe from her.


The mode of feeding can determine if your cat is going to feel at home or not. Cats use their whiskers when they are about to eat. They use it to sense and smell the food in front of them; this will make them determine how to place their mouth to make it comfortable for them. It’s important to ensure the bowl for feeding your cat is not so deep, use a plate that is shallow and can allow her to pick up food without bending her whiskers. Knowing how to feed your cat is vital in developing a relationship that lasts.

Litter Box

Among things that can make your cat want to live in your house forever is the litter box. Each cat should have a personal litter box that she can use to relieve herself when the need arises. Even though you might want to make sure your cat has access to it anytime, you shouldn’t place it in an open area. Cats are hideous, although they go out at times and mingle with the rest of the house. It’s common for them to hide in a place to prevent being seen. Always put the litter box in a hidden place where she might want it to be.


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