Here’s How You Upgrade Your Relationship

Relationship Matters
Relationship Matters

In a sex study carried out, Sex toys are increasingly becoming more popular and enjoying unprecedented growth. One way of spicing things up in the bedroom as far as sex is concerned is by introducing the womanizer starlet 2. As much as we sometimes think adding sex toys in our relationship is awkward, it may strengthen the intimacy in your relationship. Introducing sex toys does not necessarily mean that the sex between you two is not satisfactory. If anything, it is a way to explore more and, as said, spice things up. Here are some guidelines to consider when introducing sex toys in your relationship;

Don’t Introduce the Discussion Too Early in the Relationship

You do not want your partner to think that you were faking it all along, or you were not satisfied. It should take time. Learn what your partner enjoys in terms of stimulation and foreplay to know what sex toys might suit both of you. A mistake most people make is introducing the sex toy discussion way too early. It leaves a bitter taste in your partner’s mouth and places you in an awkward position. Introduce the sex toy discussion only after having built trust and the right level of communication. This way, you can explain and listen to your partner how to go about the introduction of sex toys.

Discuss with Your Partner

A gradual way of introducing sex toys is discussing with your partner. You do not want him/her, thinking that what they have been doing all along was not satisfactory to you. However, it is essential to let the discussion about sex toys flow naturally between you and your partner. Take it up to yourself to listen to what your partner has to say, let it be an agreement between you two and not a unilateral decision.

Incorporate this in your relationship
Incorporate this in your relationship

Reassure Your Partner

Introducing the discussion of sex toys in your relationship is one thing; do it so that your partner will be assured that things won’t change for the worse but, the better. There is the fear of the unknown that ought to be corrected by reassuring your partner. Reassure your partner that you have an idea of what sex toys are and that it is suitable for both of you. As much as your partner may be new to all this, an assurance from you may go a long way. You might be even surprised they will be up for the idea and love it. Sex toys are well-known to improve the sex lives of people in relationships.

Do Not Pressure Your Partner

When bringing up the idea of sex toys and how it will spice things up, be open that your partner may not be up for it. Your partner may not be comfortable, and it is up to you to understand this and leave the subject for some time. Explore new ways to stimulate your partner like erotic massage, sexy outfits, among other methods. Along the way, it makes your partner comfortable opening up to new ideas, which may be an excellent way to re-introduce your discussion about sex toys.

Choose the Best Sex Toy

The sex toy you choose should be dictated by the type of sex you already love. Engage your partner in sex talk and get to know what they love and vice versa. Make sure they accompany you when you go out to shop for the sex toys. It will be an excellent opportunity for you and your partner to connect and explore the full range of sex toys in the market. Remember, sex toys should be a way to spice things up by bringing in the exploratory factor. Some sex toys are suitable for female stimulation and other male stimulation. Therefore, choosing a sex toy that is best for you two will allow both of you to enjoy your sex fantasies. It ought not to be a situation where one partner is experiencing, and the other feels left out.

Let Your Partner Take Control

Remember that introducing sex toys in your relationship ought to make things better. You do not want your partner to see it as a competition between them and the sex toys. It is, therefore, advisable to let your partner take control of your pleasure. This way, it makes them comfortable seeing you get pleasured and further, interesting for both of you. Taking charge when it comes to using sex toys will make the experience exciting. If you’ve not used sex toys before, you can try to know how it feels.


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