How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Despite Stiff Competition

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There is no doubt that video marketing has grown in popularity and accessibility for businesses over the last few years. Creating a YouTube channel may be the most effective method of advertising your business, as one billion people use this platform daily.  

You’ll need to do more than join YouTube as a contributing member if you want to become a YouTube success story, maintain a steady gain in followers, or at the very least create a terrific video that receives a lot of views and likes. The following are some pointers to assist you in making the most of your entrance into the world of content development.

  1. Know Your Audience 

You want to ensure that any form of content you publish aligns with the desires of your audience. Begin by learning about your audience and the type of content they expect from you, whether you’re writing a blog post or creating a video.   

Consider your competition or other video creators in your field if you’re just getting started with a YouTube promotion. You can save and download videos to examine how the competition works. Here’s how to download YouTube videos if you don’t know how to do it yet. It might help you determine the topics and video formats your audience is interested in watching.   

Another method, if you’ve previously released videos, is to examine your YouTube Analytics. YouTube gives detailed information about your audience’s demographics, geography, interaction, and relevant facts. When you know who your audience is and what nationalities it’s made of, you can decide whether or not it’s a good idea to have videos in different languages. If a considerable percentage of your audience is from another country, you can translate your videos into that language and post them on your YouTube channel. This can come in handy if you have a product to sell, for instance, and want to explain it better and increase sales in a different market. Anchor text: translate your videos

  1. Post Regularly

YouTube channels that upload multiple times each week perform much better and obtain significantly more recommended views. If feasible, upload a video to YouTube three or more times a week, particularly if you’re beginning and striving to build an audience.   

Maintaining a steady publishing schedule with numerous weekly updates will significantly improve your channel’s algorithm rating. Creating content on similar themes will help your channel rank well in the algorithm and establish a library of content that will direct viewers from video to video, boosting your watch time and giving them a reason to subscribe.  

  1. Optimize Your Videos For SEO

Another strategy to boost your videos’ visibility is to optimize them for a higher SEO ranking on YouTube. Provide a decent, descriptive title for your first video that viewers are likely to type into the search bar—and don’t forget to include your primary keyword or key phrase. Additionally, insert relevant tags that will aid in categorizing your video.  

If you’re unsure, examine the competition and the tags used by other videos with similar material. Finally, include your target keywords, synonyms, and long-tail keyword variations in a minimum of a 200-word description. It not only assists viewers in determining the subject of your video, but it also helps your video rank higher on search engine results pages.  

  1. Collaborate On Video Projects

Co-hosting with another YouTuber may help you grow your channel by doubling its viewership. Your video has subscribers from two different YouTube channels. It means a greater audience, subscriber base, and reach. The secret to successfully presenting collaboration films is to fit your niche as a co-host or guest.

You should share the same number of subscribers to inspire one another, or your co-host should have a larger audience to assist you in growing your channel. You are free to collaborate with multiple YouTubers on a single video or throughout a series of videos.  

  1. Make Unique Thumbnails

Custom thumbnails are one of the most straightforward yet effective ways to advertise your YouTube channel. Consider your title and thumbnail as a one-two punch for capturing a viewer’s attention. YouTube automatically creates a thumbnail from a screenshot of any video. Regrettably, the image it occasionally catches is a hazy shot of you adjusting the camera or transitioning.  

Creating your thumbnails makes your films more visually appealing, but it also portrays a sense of professionalism. On the other hand, thumbnails do not have to be rocket science. You can even create a template using a specific typeface and design to ensure consistency and brand consistency.  

  1. Create A Playlist 

The majority of YouTube channels disregard the value of playlists entirely. Even some of the most popular ones have failed to organize their films and enhance the customer experience. On the other hand, playlists are an excellent way to entice subscribers to remain around, find similar videos, and continue viewing.   

Creates series or collects videos with similar subjects for playlists. The more people who interact with your content, the higher your channel’s ranking on YouTube will be. YouTube wants users to stick around, and if you can help them do so, they’ll show your material to a broader audience.   


Expanding your YouTube audience is an excellent method for attracting new clients to your organization. So, if you want to grow your YouTube channel, you must develop content with your audience and the algorithm. Even if you face stiff competition, the strategies outlined above can help you grow your YouTube channel and increase your visibility among your target audience.  


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