How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

how to get rid of bugs
how to get rid of bugs

A bed bug infestation is not a delightful sight. It damages your furniture, clothing, and other household items. These small pests can travel distances and reproduce quickly. Thus, making it difficult for you to contain the infestation. You can find them in your bed boxes, mattresses, clothing, furniture, curtains, wallpapers, and more. However, it can be challenging for you to inspect them with your naked eyes. To overcome this, hiring a professional Bed Bug Exterminator LA King | #1 Pest Control & Removal Service can be helpful.

Tips To Inspect Bed Bugs In Your Home

Look for bed bugs in places that are dark and isolated. If you have found an infected area, inspect the adjoining places as well. You can look for their fecal residue to trace their existence. Insecticides such as CB-80 can be used to kill and flush the suspected bed bugs out of their hidden sites. You can look for bed bugs in the following places:

  • Box Spring

Use a flashlight to inspect the fabric of the box spring. It is advisable to check your mattresses as well. Pay attention to its seams, and flip over the mattress to also inspect its other side.

  • Double Check Your Furniture

Bed bugs can slip into tiny hiding spots. Look for them in all the seams and crevices of your furniture, such as bed frames and drawers. Use a flashlight for more visibility.

  • Carpets And Wallpaper

Check for bed bugs behind baseboards and wallpaper. If possible, remove the electrical switch plates and wall hangings for efficient inspection.

Pre-treatment Procedures To Follow

After a clear inspection, you will find active spots of the infestation. However, professional treatment is necessary to ensure complete extermination. It is advisable to follow some pre-treatment procedures to control the infestation immediately. Here’s what you can do.

  • Declutter

Remove the movable items from the infested area that are yet not infected. Keep in mind that they can transfer bed bugs to other areas in your house. Thus, keep them in a plastic bag.  

  • High Heat Laundry

Wash all your linen, beddings, curtains, and clothing at a high temperature in your washing machine. Do this for at least half an hour. Once washed, set your washing machine to the maximum heat settings and then tumble dry. This will kill the bed bugs present in your fabric items if there are any. You can use a vacuum to clean the seams of your mattress, couch, and cushions. However, ensure to dispose of the vacuum contents in a plastic bag and wash your vacuum thoroughly.

  • Dismantle Your Furniture

It is important for you to dismantle your furniture. Open your bed frames and remove other drawers in the infested areas. These places are likely to be the hidden spots for bed bugs, and it is necessary for you to spray them with insecticides and check for bug intrusion.

Heat Room Treatment

Bed bugs can die within 90 minutes when introduced into high temperatures, such as 118°F or 122°F. A heat room treatment will raise your room’s temperature up to 145°F. You will have to hire a pest management professional for this treatment. He will bring in his equipment and install remote thermometers in your home. This process takes six to eight hours to kill the bed bugs, depending upon the size of the infestation.

You must remove heat sensitive items from the infested room to prevent melting. It’s a fact that pests can also be adversely affected by high temperatures. Heat treatment leaves no residual effects and may often include applying an insecticide to the border of the infested area.

Insecticide Treatment

Insecticide treatment, when conducted by a professional, can be the most efficient way of removing bed bugs. However, it takes more than two visits to get rid of the bugs entirely. This process takes around one to hours, depending on the degree of adversity of the infestation. You will be provided with a list of instructions by a professional to prepare your home before an insecticide treatment. Follow these directions properly for a smooth treatment. Besides, do not enter your home right after the treatment. You must wait until your pest management professional gives you a green signal to re-enter.

Seek A Professional

Both the bed bug removal treatments are time-consuming and require professional expertise to be conducted. Thus, it is advisable not to conduct them by yourself. Seek help from a professional such as Bed Bug Exterminator LA King. They are one of the top bed bug exterminator companies and can bring you relief from the bug infestation in your home. You can visit their website to learn more about their services.


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